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Flashforge adventure 3 pro and Ultimaker Cura 4.13.1

Posted by Markla65 
Flashforge adventure 3 pro and Ultimaker Cura 4.13.1
July 13, 2022 10:56AM
Good evening everyone, i recently bought a flashforge adventure 3 pro, i immediately noticed that the Flashprint software prints a very thick base platform and therefore consumes a lot of PLA unnecessarily.

consulting the internet i learned that Ultimaker Cura is an excellent program with which to create Gcode from .stl files, so i opted for this solution, but from Cura i can't setup a profile dedicated to my Adventure 3 pro, because it isn't there, and it doesn't i can connect directly to the online printer, then i save the Gcode and load it on Flashprint, everything is fine if i print small objects, but if i increase the size of the objects approaching the printing limits, for example 130mm, already in the Flashprint print preview i see a line appear out of bounds, over 150mm.

If i proceed to 3D printing the printer really tries to print the anomalous line, but being out of the limits it fails and sends the printing axis out of phase.
I randomly tried to change the settings on Cura and this line sometimes disappears, but other things happen, the non-heating of the print bed or the extruder.

I ask if you have any suggestions on how to properly setup Cura, or other software that can work well with Adventure 3 pro.
I thank's in advance whoever can make suggestions, and sorry for my bad english.
Re: Flashforge adventure 3 pro and Ultimaker Cura 4.13.1
July 14, 2022 10:56AM
AFAIK Flashforge printers usually put origin, 0,0 coordinate, in the center of the bed rather than a corner.

You may find setting Cura to have a round bed of say 250mm diameter gets the orientation of prints correct, although then you have to work out when your prints will miss the edge of the bed.

Every other printer that has a square or rectangular bed puts the origin at a corner. Which is why most slicing software follows that convention.

Delta printers, having a round bed, always put the origin at the center of the bed. Handy for Flashforge owners who want to break out of the closed source walled garden.

You can reprogram the firmware to follow regular convention, but that involves quite a bit of work. Even with Klipper and Mainsail, the advantage of that firmware is you don't have to reflash the board every config change. But, you do need a Linux host machine to run Klipper, not for everybody as a firmware.
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