M810-M819 documentation.
August 04, 2022 11:04AM
I use the documentation at Gcode Marlin Firmware and G-code RepRap and was surprised to see that M810-M819 is missing from the RepRap documentation. Can someone with better skills than me add this, please?
Re: M810-M819 documentation.
August 06, 2022 05:39AM
How about...

Re: M810-M819 documentation.
August 06, 2022 10:08AM
Yes, I understand that RepRapFirmware contains M98 and M99 commands but Marlin does not. Marlin contains M810-M819 which is NOT documented in the RepRap G-code documentation.

The RepRap G-code documentation is more comprehensive and contains more that just RepRapFirmware commands (for example, M860 and M861) so I believe it should document the Marlin version of M810-M819.

I don't have permission to edit this page but even if I did, my Wiki editing skills are novice at best. Here is what I would start with:

==== M810-M819: G-code macros ====
{{Firmware Support | fived={{no}} | teacup={{no}} | sprinter={{no}} | marlin={{yes}} | repetier={{no}} | reprapfirmware={{no}} | smoothie={{no}} | bfb={{no}} | machinekit={{no}} | makerbot={{no}} | grbl={{no}} | redeem={{no}} | mk4duo={{no}} }}

Use the M810-M819 commands to set and execute 10 distinct G-code “macros.” Put anything after the command to define its macro. To run the macro just send M810-M819 by itself. Multiple commands in one macro are separated by the pipe character (‘|’).1 only in bq-Marlin Firmware

Define Macro 5 to do some moves and make a beep

M815 G0 X0 Y0|G0 Z10|M300 S440 P50
Run Macro 5


Insert this between M808 and M851.
Re: M810-M819 documentation.
October 11, 2022 05:37AM
i'll look at why 810-819 macro g-codes have not been added. if anyone knows why then please add comments.i'll look into it, and can make the additions after oct 16th if permissions work.

in my quick look into it this seems to be in marlin documentation [marlinfw.org]

ill need to verify also that these macro code are in spec to the NIST RS274NGC Interpreter, or see if any concerns

with some further checking m is Miscellaneous function, so i need to see what standards exist if any for those m810-m819 numbers.

10_11_22 update:
with looking into it even more the macros option seem to exist already as
M98 ,M99 as mentioned in a comment above. they do seem to operate a little differently.
i'm going to continue looking further into it, but if they can do the same function, then the marlin commands of m810-m819 might not be added. i have asked questions about the m810-m819 in marlin firmware section as well.
i'm awaiting any possible comments throughout the week..

10_11_22_second edit:
it seems the m810-m819 are reserved for firmware storage instead of a separate file on the sd card for running commands,
and includes a m815 to run the code. the code is stored as a firmware macro, which seems different enough....
ill stil wait until oct 16 before updating wiki, pending any comments or further information...

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Re: M810-M819 documentation.
October 19, 2022 09:44PM
i did not receive any comments on the changes in the reprap general section or the marlin section of reprap wiki.
The Reprap command M98 is to load a filename and run macros in file, where the marlin M810-M819 are for 10 lines of macros that are stored internally. Technically the M is miscellaneous, and has no generic rules in gcode specs.
I will be updating the wiki to include M810-M819 over the next few days. i already have a raw backup of the wiki page, and will add the M810-M819 commands to the wiki in my spare time within the next few days.
Re: M810-M819 documentation.
October 25, 2022 07:38AM
ok changes are in progress. the M810-M819 commands are listed. i just need to ensure it is in similar context as rest of document.
some changes simple to fix and address are:

internet in a particular region or country might not show latest changes for up to 48hrs (time to live, dns caching, and other reasons)
refresh browser, and look at wiki if questions.

The wiki page is incredibly long, so by the time i get to view and submit an edit it times out for permissions. so timing it just right seems to get it working.
thank-you b-morgan for providing the format for the table. again some minor changes might happen with some format.
one of the changes needed was to clearly define why this macro is different than what is listed already,
so tittle has been changed to
M810-M819: G-code macros stored in memory or flash not filename

edit 25th oct 2022, changes compete

Edited 5 time(s). Last edit at 10/25/2022 11:54PM by jamesdanielv.
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