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Tb6560 + SKR 2 + Marlin => Z, r, angle 3D printer (≈R360+SCARA)

Posted by xXJRUSHMANXx 
Tb6560 + SKR 2 + Marlin => Z, r, angle 3D printer (≈R360+SCARA)
August 04, 2022 02:47PM
Hello, I'm trying to make my own 3D printer with 3 nema 23 ( with external TB6560) and an simple nema from ender ( with TMC).
I'm using SKR V2 and I will write own Marlin.
Actually I have some questions:
1) Can I connect my TB6560 to CSL pin-out of SKR? There is only 4 of 6 pins ( Gnd, Dir, Pul, EN)
What jumper configuration I should to have?
There is nobody using external drivers in SKR V2.....
2) My geometry is so particular, I will have 2 linear (Z and radius) and one angular axis. So there is no actual configuration for Marlin for me.
Should I start with marlin from R360 ( copying Z and r) and later add and angle from SCARA Marlin?
Have somebody something similar?
It's my first hard project and I have so much future with it. But I'm new in this world so I will need some help.

I will be grateful for your participation.

I think that this topic can be so useful for so much people.
Re: Tb6560 + SKR 2 + Marlin => Z, r, angle 3D printer (≈R360+SCARA)
August 05, 2022 10:57PM
Pretty good diagrams in the manual for wiring up power, power ground, STEP, DIR, ENABLE and logic ground (latter 4 would go to the socket for a driver on the skr 2).


However, I cannot guarantee it will work. Even if it does, the clock on those drivers is 15KHz. Pretty slow compared to... well, anything else I feel.
Re: Tb6560 + SKR 2 + Marlin => Z, r, angle 3D printer (≈R360+SCARA)
August 06, 2022 01:19AM
I'd probably start with the latest Marlin and modify the SCARA code. Whatever way you go about it, Marlin is not well designed for adding unusual kinematics since it requires modifying several core files so you can't easily maintain a separate branch, and the code is already very cluttered so integrating more and more kinematics into the main branch is not such a good idea either. SCARA is not modified very often, so sticking your code in there will probably be the easiest way to keep your branch up to date.

I wrote some tips about the SCARA code in this thread [reprap.org]
Hopefully that can help you get started.
Re: Tb6560 + SKR 2 + Marlin => Z, r, angle 3D printer (≈R360+SCARA)
August 07, 2022 03:29PM
I appreciate the help!!!
I did not expect this participation.
It seems that I will be updating my project as time goes by.

About the clock, actually I needn't so much mechanical speed, I hope it's irrelevant in that way. Obviously at the future I will update all my drivers. Hope have no problems with communication.

About Marlin, my idea is to print thinks, so I don't khnow if its so difficult to make own program for that. On that case maybe I will pay somebody who can write it....
But my fist try will be to overwrite Marlin and use Ender3 extruder and bed.

I will read forum you mentioned, let's see if I can manage all this.

Thanks so much for help.

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