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print halts mid print

Posted by Sabry 
print halts mid print
November 25, 2022 06:55PM
my printer halts mid print and lcd screen freezes and the heaters turn off there is nothing to do but to restart the printer
why could this be happening ?
Re: print halts mid print
February 09, 2023 05:07PM
What printer you got. You checked for loose leads and shorts between the thermistors legs(doubt that's the cause but check) have you got a screen attached what's the thermal reading of the hotend and bed possible it's a thermal runaway protection kicking in that stalls the printer.
But my crystal ball learning towards a faulty x carriage lead but we need more info to help.
Re: print halts mid print
February 18, 2023 02:12AM
One possible explanation is that the printer is demanding more power than the power supply can deliver.

A related problem can be a part is getting too hot, and demanding more power to operate than is available. Cooling for the control board is a good idea, as the stepper motor drivers generally kick out a lot of heat (hence the heatsinks generally put on them). They can generally run warm, but, if that heat isn't taken out of the system, the controller chip for the whole build can get too hot and crash in terms of running software. This does seem to match your symptoms but so do other things

Another possibility is that you are extruding plastic too fast, or over cooling it. It's possible to stick a nozzle in one spot because it can't melt quick enough and what it can melt hardens too quick. As your screen and computer control seems to be crashing, I doubt that is a factor here.
Re: print halts mid print
February 18, 2023 07:32PM
Had the exact same problem for a very different reason.
Was playing with Marlin serial buffer and command buffer sizes. The compiler was displaying 90-95% memory usage, but nevertheless the stack was overwriting the heap, or the opposite, or something similar. Was getting the same freezes...

But we have no informations.about the board, the firmware, the configuration.

"You can't solve a problem until you can describe it ; if you can't correctly describe a problem, what you think being a solution will be a draw of lottery."

(or dice)
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