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A side by side comparison between a PT1000 and a "normal" NTC

Posted by deckingman 
A side by side comparison between a PT1000 and a "normal" NTC
April 20, 2023 02:48PM
One of my YT subscribers sent me a donation via PayPal with the proviso that I use it to purchase a PT1000 temperature sensor. Personally I would have preferred to spend the money on something more useful but beggars can't be choosers as the saying goes. Anyway, I felt a certain moral obligation to not only purchase a PT1000 cartridge, but also to devise and run a side by side (literally) comparison of the PT1000 and a "normal" Semitec thermistor cartridge. To that end, I made a custom heater block and tested it up to 500 deg C. The results were not exactly what I expected...............

I've gone to some lengths to explain how I tried to eliminate any other variables but if you are short of time, I've added chapters so you can skip straight to the results section.

I leave it to each individual to draw their own conclusions and/or make their own purchase decisions but hope that the information may be of some use.

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