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Flex4Drive - Project Soup Early Birds

Posted by Mutley3D 
Flex4Drive - Project Soup Early Birds
June 02, 2023 01:26AM
Its been a while. Something new and not seen or done before smiling smiley

This is the G6 + MISO (multi in single out) hotend.

It is designed as a multi flow hot end, meaning you can push any combination of filaments at the same time.

Because of the way the filaments are fed, they push through like warm butter, literally!

You can stack four of the G6 into a quad arrangement. The assembly can fit on a platform as small as a kossel mini effector, or any other printer.

Imagine turning your Ender3 or CR10 or any other entry level printer into a 3D printing beast.

With a Tool Changer style machine you can have x16 filaments.

A bowden version of the same MISO heater block machined slightly differently can accommodate 8 filaments. Yes that would be 32 colours on a Tool Changing machine!

Total weight of a G6 quad stack with MISO is around the 200g mark, give or take a few differences in mounting bracket hardware.

It took a lot of work.. Will post some more in a few days. Hope you like it.


No more edits I promise smiling smiley

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Re: Flex4Drive - Project Soup Early Birds
July 29, 2023 07:33PM
An update. Debug+test - Good bad and failed. Familiar models, and a Vase.
Layer heights 200 micron thru 1500 micron.
Nozzle sizes 0.4mm through to 2mm.
Flow rates beyond 120mm^3/s (50% capacity)
Old filament PLA ABS PETg
Slicer adjustments between prints dialing in temp and removing unwanted movements.
Large benchy (200%) and tall vase prints < 2hrs print time.
From small fine multi-colour prints to large objects on large form printers. Heavily reduced print times and new capabilities.

No 2mm nozzles on the market...so had to drill one.

Re: Flex4Drive - Project Soup Early Birds
October 24, 2023 06:37PM
Hi Jason,
I noticed your flex3drive.com website has been in "Fixer Uppa Mode" since last month. Are you still selling the flex3drive parts?

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