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Cartesian to CoreXY? Which one....

Posted by aamcle 
Cartesian to CoreXY? Which one....
June 08, 2023 07:47AM
Wanted CoreXY, top half?

I built a Box style Cartesian printer but it's too slow for the volume so I'd like to convert it to a CoreXY.

It's built with 3030 extrusion (not V Slot), I want to keep the build plate, both the Z axis assemblies, the board is 32bit and will be reused.

My first thought was to build a Hypercube Evolution top end (retaining my build plate and both Z axis) but although there is a lot of info about it, it's scattered and hard to decide which are the up to date parts.

I then had a look at the HevORT but there are no build instructions and as I have no experience of CoreXY to guide me it would be very tricky to build.

Before I start working my way through the Evo posts and pages looking for the latest builds and mods are there any other builds I should look at?

Thanks All. aamcle
Re: Cartesian to CoreXY? Which one....
June 08, 2023 08:25AM
Here you go- modular, rigid CoreXY stage that can be dropped onto a Z axis mechanism:
There are some updates, so search/follow the links. I went to optical endstops, shortened the extruder carriage, etc.

I used 4040 t-slot, two pieces of cast tooling plate, and some 1.5 x 2" aluminum tubing. You can make all pulley and motor mounts from one piece of tubing. F608 skate wheel bearings are used for pulleys.
There are linear guides for both axes, and an extra bearing block on the X axis guide to allow the frame to expand when it heats up.

Ultra MegaMax Dominator 3D printer: [drmrehorst.blogspot.com]
Re: Cartesian to CoreXY? Which one....
June 10, 2023 04:06PM
Thanks, l think I'm going to use the top off a RatRig V3 plus the pretty printhead smiling smiley

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