ramps 1,4 overvolting and voltage regulation for arduino
December 11, 2023 03:25PM
Hello i recently had an idea to upgrade my old diy printer. Nothing fancy, since it had the most problems with saging 12V to around 10,5 when both heaters were working, i focused on that..

Only i forgoten that ramps 1,4 is designed for 12V and when i fed it with rewired power suply at 15V to make both heaters efectively twice as powerfull, (still under polufuse trip voltage), i fried arduino mega twice :]
i mean it still works only has no working viltage regulator or usb communication sinve ch340 poofed some smoke.
I can still power the screen and menu via usb cable without main power working.

But before i fried the usb i was able to print one print for around 2 hours with regulator bypased and arduino powered from usb. so i was able to do pid tuning , print some things and over all be positively surprised how well it all work, untill it didn't

Not a small part of it was the fact that i bought 1117 regulators on ebay and they ended up being fake, thus serial to usb chip went up in smoke.

So there is a question, does anyone take track how much current does ramps board actually draw from 5v , to stepper drivers and screen and how much arduino eats by itself runing marlin?

my setup is graphical screen and 4 4988 stepsticks, 2 thermistors and basically that is it because rest runs trough higher voltage parts of the ramps board

Iwas thinking to just slap 7805 regulator on the board and be done with it since they can handle input voltage up to 34v, if we don't count the heart .

so am i even going in right direction? what do you guys think?
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