M955 - orientation question
January 05, 2024 01:50AM

I have read the documentation [reprap.org], and I wonder if there is a bug in the doc.

"The I (orientation) parameter tells the firmware which of the 24 possible orientations the accelerometer chip is in relative to the printer axes. It is expressed as a 2-digit number. The first digit specifies which machine direction the Z axis of the accelerometer chip (usually the top face of the chip) faces, as follows: 0 = +X, 1 = +Y, 2 = +Z, 4 = -X, 5 = -Y, 6 = -Z. The second digit expresses which direction the X axis of the accelerometer chip faces, using the same code. If the accelerometer chip axes line up with the machine axis, the orientation is 21. This is the default orientation if no orientation has been specified."

So if the accelerometer and printer axis are aligned it should be 22 in the example instead of 21 or I just don't understand it correctly?

Best, Marcin
Re: M955 - orientation question
January 05, 2024 02:46AM
The text is wrong, if everything is aligned then the orientation parameter should be 20 not 21. Thanks for pointing this out.

I will correct the entry in the GCodes wiki page. The entry at [docs.duet3d.com] is already correct.

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Re: M955 - orientation question
January 05, 2024 03:23AM
Thank you! Now it makes sense smiling smiley
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