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Bambu Slicer 3MF to Prusa Slicer

Posted by Roberts_Clif 
Bambu Slicer 3MF to Prusa Slicer
March 04, 2024 09:38PM
Have a question that was asked of me an have no way to answer, will post here to see if any of you have an answer


I have a 3MF file that was sliced on Bambu Slicer. I went to open it on Prusa Slicer and it won't open. So I downloaded Bambu Slicer and it opens beautifully with all the colour painting done. If I then save it as "generic" 3MF, I can open it on Prusa Slicer, but it opens the same as an STL, with no colour changes.

Does anyone know a way to "convert" the 3MF between slicers and keep the colour changes intact?

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Re: Bambu Slicer 3MF to Prusa Slicer
March 04, 2024 10:47PM
3mf should just be zipped text files, so at least in theory you can examine it and perhaps write a converter. But who knows what they did to it... Closed source sucks!.

But basically at this time there is no fix, other than repainting [forum.bambulab.com]

Start simple, take a 20x20x20 cube, colour each face a different colour make them identical in both Prusa slicer and Bambu Slicer, compare the 3mf archives.

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Re: Bambu Slicer 3MF to Prusa Slicer
March 05, 2024 04:37PM
I have run into this. Couldn't find a way round it. Was a little while back. Other files are associated with the output. Rename 3mf to zip then dig. It seems a case of different processing engines (for want of a better term) within each slicer. One 3mf engine will not interpret the 3mf of another whilst they will both read the same stl, likely due to syntax differences for "colouring" as appears below.

Snippets from sample files of same stl derived ".model" and same line (taking into account headers).

BS snippet:
triangle v1="352849" v2="352850" v3="25561" paint_color="8"/

PS snippet:
triangle v1="46174" v2="87556" v3="51960" slic3rpe:mmu_segmentation="0C"/

One can find the vector (eg v1=46174) in BS file in 3 or 4 different locations, and vice versa but locations in file dont match.

Maybe someone can write a translator/convertor but i suspect too much random.

Painting isnt that bad though once you get the hang of it, and figure out some of the time saving tricks smiling smiley

One way of looking at it. Given the time in creating a model/stl and the time it takes to print it, the time spent painting extrapolates comparably with the model complexity. ie paint a simple cube in moments. But a complex modeL can be nicely done in a couple of hours with a tea and shortbread, movie or tunes in background! then 54 hours printing grinning smiley. But yes lack of interchange could be a pain for some.

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Re: Bambu Slicer 3MF to Prusa Slicer
March 06, 2024 08:52AM
Thank you all for you for the information.

Computer Programmer / Electronics Technician
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