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Need new hotend...

Posted by Hobbes20xx 
Need new hotend...
July 17, 2011 04:44PM
So, ive been able to print a little bit, when i try to print my calibration block i get about 1/4 of the way (it comes out pretty nice, actually) then my hotend leaks and quits extruding. I need some help on what hotend to make, rather, how to mount it to a wade's. ive been using nopheads green resistor method with good success, but the acorn nut/barrel connection point leaks mid-print.
Re: Need new hotend...
July 17, 2011 04:50PM
You could use a copper washer to seal between the block and the acorn nut or use some Teflon plumbing tape.

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Re: Need new hotend...
July 17, 2011 05:46PM
Silicone adhesive / sealant in the joints seems to work as well. Make sure you don't get any inside the barrel though.

Re: Need new hotend...
July 18, 2011 12:04AM
Try mine if you like. It fits the Wade's type extruders. I prefer Greg's Accessible Hinged Extruder.

Build one yourself, or have me build it for you. It's very reliable.

Wildseyed Simple Hot End

The Wiki page is only slightly outdated. I don't use the rescue tape anymore, as Kapton does a better job at insulating the whole thing.

Re: Need new hotend...
July 18, 2011 12:10AM
Thanks guys, ill try the silicone and ptfe tape and let you know, wildseye might be a possibility but i dont have the brass parts on hand...will let you all know
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