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Electroetching, us commoners lasercutter?

Posted by danielpublic 
Electroetching, us commoners lasercutter?
July 18, 2011 05:15AM
Hi dear All! First post.

Background: First of all, I am pretty lazy and second of all I have no access to fancy tools incl. lasercutters/mills and such. I stumble across this on the wiki, but especially this .pdf and this yotube video. As you might imagine, since those two mentioned factors. Also that one seems/can make some detailed shapes/holes/stuff, print with laser/inkjet on paper(transparent), clamp/tape on material and cut lines with random sharp knife.

Materials: A carbattery charger(€30?), a drill+attachment(€35?), aceton/thinner(€5?) to clean it up properly, that black almost rubbery rustproofing(€5-6?) for cars, paintbrush(€2) and a sharp knife(€2) does not cost much. €80 vs €1000...
It produces hydrogen, so its "might" be best to do something like this outside and not to smoke if one has that habit.

Wikipedia resources: common etchands & electroetching. Seems caustic soda works with aluminium, Nice!
I guess any thickness works, since the current takes its closest route, but..

- How thick material can one electroetch through ?
- How detailed stuff can one make and/or that is easily cleaned up/etc ?

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