Scaling Issues
August 27, 2011 01:25AM
Hey all-

I am nearly printing, but have some last minute bugs. Its a metric Prusa Mendel.The movements of my carriages seem very accurate, but when I try to print a part, my scaling is WAY off (10X or more). I try to print a 50mm ring and it goes way outside the print area...

My steps are:
Draw up and save as .sldprt in Solidworks 2011, (units set to mm)
"save as copy" in .stl format (again ensuring the units are mm)
Use Skeinforge to create gcode (ensuring that the "Preface" tab has "Set Units to Millimeters" checked)
Using RepSnapper, clicking "Load GCode" and selecting the newly created GCode file

Even the prieview screen on the left at this point shows it orders of magnitude off. If I manually jog the carriage in the "interactive" menu, it is quite accurate (on the order of +-0.25mm at this point).

Can anybody tell me whats going on?
Re: Scaling Issues
August 27, 2011 03:27AM
Try slicing something simple off thingiverse like this: []

If it comes out the correct size then the problem lies in Solidworks.

Re: Scaling Issues
August 27, 2011 03:39AM
Just did.... it came out huge too....
Re: Scaling Issues
August 27, 2011 05:09AM
It really seems to be RepSnapper causing this...
Test .stl files have the same issue.
Where is the most current version, or at least a well proven version?
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