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32 bit future heart found.

Posted by Murray 
32 bit future heart found.
September 11, 2011 05:06PM
I found new the heart of my next system

US40$ buys a compact PCB module with a

32bit ARM cortex m3 processor (100mips).
128k flash, 20k ram
High resolution 2,8 inch full color touch screen.
SD card slot.
Dataflash suport.
USB B plus.
RS232 DB9.
Expansion connector for stepper drivers etc.
Jtag debugging
Non volatile serial port based boot loader.


The future is here.
Re: 32 bit future heart found.
September 11, 2011 08:49PM

this is a replacement for arduino that also is 32 bit. i have yet to program it, but support is building for the device and it uses the arduino ide.it still needs better string manipulation routines. also plugs into usb port and is powered by it just like arduino

i have the ARM cortex m3 and do not think it has any real support yet, although it is really really fast at float math
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