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Arizona RepRap User Group Kick Off

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Arizona RepRap User Group Kick Off
January 16, 2008 01:16AM
I would like to get together with people in the Phoenix area to start a RepRap group. If you are interested in jumping into this hobby, post and/or reply.

I fully intend to build the Seedling over an gingerly pace of a three month period of time. What's holding me up? Simple, like you, I'm waiting for the blueprints to settle down a bit.
Anonymous User
Re: Arizona RepRap User Group Kick Off
January 17, 2008 05:04PM
I'm in peoria and am slowly mulling over the details in my head before I jump into purchasing the parts.I'm working with an arduino(freeduino really) now just so I can get use to what they can do.

I'm a car guy so maybe some experience/fab abilities will port over to making a repstrap when I get to that point.

I am in Phoenix near South Mountain and expect to build one soon as well. I have electronic skill and we may want to sort out just half a machine each at these early stages. Then we can gain skills test it as a whole together and later as it evolves we won't have as much to upgrade. When the combined effort works well enough nothing will stop the other from fully committing and finishing their unbuilt part.

You may also want to look at MegaSquirt,org

Ken Adkison
Re: Arizona RepRap User Group Kick Off
December 08, 2008 05:07PM
Well, I'm going to be starting on a Seedling RepStrap this Christmas. I'm getting at least the electronics portion as a Christmas present. I'm up in Prescott, going to school at Embry-Riddle.
So, any progress yet?
Re: Arizona RepRap User Group Kick Off
June 26, 2009 02:09PM
Racebuilder Wrote:
> So, any progress yet?

Yep. I have a McWire cartesian bot up and running. Now I just need to work on an extruder.

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I just stumbled across RepRap and will be moving to the Phoenix area in March of this year. Does anyone have a working machine or want an extra hand making there's? Cheers!
Re: Arizona RepRap User Group Kick Off
January 27, 2010 05:23AM
Drop me a line when you make it to town, I am down in chandler. Finishing up my mcwire now and will begin the mendel build process next week.
Re: Arizona RepRap User Group Kick Off
February 02, 2010 01:31PM
A couple of us down here in Tucson are dying to get our hands on Mendel parts. We're trying to see if the University of Arizona would make a few parts for us, and we're hoping to get a quote from them at some point. Let us know if you guys get your stuff going.

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Re: Arizona RepRap User Group Kick Off
March 23, 2010 01:30PM
Hi folks! I just found out about reprap a couple of weeks ago, and have jumped in with both feet. I have all the parts to make a McWire, and to modify it to use steel cable drive instead of 1/4' 20 threaded rod. I also have most of the non-RP parts and electronics to make a Mendel. My goal is to finish the MsWire, document making a quick, cheap, easy, few tools version so that anyone can start it, document a new, improved, top-of-the-line MikeWire smiling smiley, and build parts to get a Mendel running, then shift to designing, building and testing my ideas for the Gada prize.

I am a native Tucsonan, but after loosing my job at the UofA Space Sciences Dept. after the space craft landed (Cassini/Huygens mission to Saturn, I work on the cameras and spectrometers on the European Huygens Probe that landed on Titan), I was forced to move to Phoenix to get a job. I now work for Honeywell working on modular computers and LAN aboard the International Space Station. Which is why I call myself rocket scientist. I could also say mythbuster, since I have been ON the show once (Mail Bag special, episode 46), and also have worked on and off with them as an off-site researcher (anyone remember the Hindenburg episode? I did the preliminary research for that!).

I am not always good at breaking up tasks in my head into jobs that I and other people can do, but perhaps we can do a meeting from time to time, such as a Saturday afternoon? I offer up my place, as I have a moderately well equipped garage, and am living alone so no need to worry about spousal approval factor smiling smiley. But, I am also on the north west side of Phoenix, just north and west of the Metro Center Mall.


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I just heard of RepRap a few minutes ago. It sounds very interesting. I live south of South Mountain. I have a small machine shop with mill, metal shaper, lathe, etc. plus a small aluminum foundry and I just finished building a small plastic injection molding machine. RepRap is a logical next step. I am also a retired EE. You can see my work at rick.sparber.org
I too am interested in building a Reprap. I already have 2 DYI cnc routers, so i have a bit of a background.
Re: Arizona RepRap User Group Kick Off
September 03, 2010 12:33AM
This group seems to be off to a slow start....

I just found this group today, I'm also looking at doing a reprap. I've got a cnc mill already, so I'm kicking around the concept of just building the extrusion head and mountnig it on my mill so I don't need to buy all of the other stuff too (motion controller, steppers, etc.) Which model are you considering? What town are you in? I'm in Chandler.

Re: Arizona RepRap User Group Kick Off
October 23, 2010 09:31PM
Hi, I'm in the Central Phoenix area, near the Point, and want to make a RepStrap that I designed and want to know if anyone here could print some parts for me using their machine?
Re: Arizona RepRap User Group Kick Off
January 09, 2011 01:14PM
Hey everyone, I just stumbled upon the RepRap and Arduino here recently and Im definitely interested in getting this project going. Ive been tooling around with the idea of a DIY CNC here for a couple years but have never put anything into motion. I live in Gilbert but Im currently working in Iraq for the military as a civilian UAV pilot. Ill be back and forth for the next year but I wanted to introduce myself so that I can stay up to date with the groups progress. How far along is everyone? I really like the idea of lending parts to get another person started and then passing that on to the next person. Ill keep an eye on the forum and hopefully be working with some of you soon.

Re: Arizona RepRap User Group Kick Off
January 19, 2011 06:33AM
Hey all! HeatSync Labs, the Phoenix Metro (Chandler actually) hackerspace (heatsynclabs.org) has been building our Rep Rap over this past year. Our rep rap is in poor shape (some problems printing circles that aren't elipses) but we also have an extruded aluminum style printer we're working on as well as a cupcake style machine. Right now we're playing with the new gen4 makerbot electronics. We do a 3d printing meetup group on Wednesday night so I hope to see you there.
Re: Arizona RepRap User Group Kick Off
January 21, 2011 02:10PM
I wish it wasn't so far from Prescott, or I'd be there all the time :-(
I have a working repstrap printer right now, am just in the middle of upgrading the electronics to RAMPS and the extruder to be stepper driven (in place of my old MK4).

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Re: Arizona RepRap User Group Kick Off
April 25, 2011 04:30PM

have there been any reprap related things going on in Phoenix? I'm from San Diego. I started a very active reprap group there, but then I had to drop out because I lost my job. I moved to Phoenix and I'm getting parts from the San Diego group to build two repraps. I'd like to get plugged in here.


P.S. lets call it Phoenix RepRap Users Group (PRRUG)!
Hey everyone,
I'm a sole prop in the custom paint industry and other art fields. I've recently caught the bug of 3DP and I've got ideas that could expand my business and I'd like to get to meet others in the Chandler area that are already building things with there printers. Looks like I'll have to meet with those at Heatsynclabs! Drop an email anytime!

Re: Arizona RepRap User Group Kick Off
August 15, 2011 04:09PM
Hello, I've been fascinated with 3D printers and I just learned about the RepRap today. I would love to learn more about it and get involved. I live in East Phoenix.
Hello to my fellow Valley of the Sun Residents. I just found this group and was interested. I Have a BFB Rapman and on September 10th there will be a meeting of the valley Metal Group and I will be showing the unit and this is open to all who wish to come.

We can be found on the YAHOO GROUPS site

Please also check our website

I will bring my unit to the meeting at it is Open to all. The club is a group of metal working enthusiasts and we are always welcoming new members. The meetings are on the 2nd Saturday of each month and we have a few members who are already working on thief machines. Feel free to contact me and ask questions, but, be prepared to answer a lot of questions. I am a retired Mechanical engineer and was a journeyman Tool & Die Maker.

I live in the far west valley in SUN CITY GRAND and am now thinking of making a REPRAP MONDO if I can get some information on independently configured software. The AXON 2.0 I use is usable with Rapman and will not allow me to expand the work envelope. Can any one out there advise me on software and programming questions?
What's the status on this? I live near Cactus & 51st Ave; I have a Harbor Freight Micro-Mill (47158?) that I'm tooling up (stuff's expensive), plus plans to play in the whole reprap and micro-cnc arena. Currently working on a UGV, which takes up my free time (when I'm not lazy). What's the word on this?
Re: Arizona RepRap User Group Kick Off
February 23, 2012 04:18AM
A bunch of us are still meeting monthly on the third wednesday at HeatSync Labs (heatsynclabs.org) 3d printer meetup. HSL has a mendel thats been decommissioned until we make it into a Mendel 90 or something else excellent, a cupcake clone, a thingomatic, and an ultimaker.

Hope to see you there.
Re: Arizona RepRap User Group Kick Off
May 21, 2016 08:04PM
Where are your meetings held?
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