Maker Faire 2012
March 06, 2012 12:20AM
Hey all; the FV reprap group are thinking about getting a printer village table set up at Maker Faire 2012, and the Maker Faire staffers are really hyped on the idea. I was wonder if there was any interest here, and if you'd like to join our discussion at [] if you are into it.

I think a table/booth should be enough space, and I am confident that the staff will accommodate our needs if we need to grow.

- Derek

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Re: Maker Faire 2012
March 17, 2012 01:13AM
What? Nobody?

The table(s) will be booked, but I need some feedback from interested parties so that we make sure we get enough table space.
Re: Maker Faire 2012
March 17, 2012 02:13PM
Doh! You know I'm in...I'll bring all my printers...likely 3 by summer (MakerBot, Prusa & Tantillus).

Re: Maker Faire 2012
March 23, 2012 09:31PM
It will be great to see so many printers in one place. I'm in.

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Re: Maker Faire 2012
March 26, 2012 06:17PM
Cool! Some responses. If you have a 1 line bio you'd like to have for the application, I'll put it in there. Just comment on the FVreprap group thread here: []
Re: Maker Faire 2012
April 24, 2012 04:41PM
We currently have 11-12 machines that will be there. Please visit [] for a complete list and to add yourself.

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