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Posted by jbayless 
September 07, 2009 08:21AM

Just to send the word out to everyone who might be in the area! My name is Jacob Bayless, and I'm a member of a group of UBC Engineering Physics students. We're looking to build a Reprap and add (very) novel functionality to it as our APSC 459 project course next winter. If anyone else is interested in ordering components with us (or has a working reprap and will print them), then please let us know!

If anyone locally has experience with the Reprap and might be willing to give advice, please post here too.
September 07, 2009 01:45PM
Hey Jacob, I'm in Vancouver now, and I've got one Darwin running, and am 6 parts away from having a second one up and running. I can't guarantee any parts yet, but I hope to have some more available in a few months time.

Give me a shout at wbortz at gmail if you have any questions.

October 19, 2009 01:44AM

Just to say hi. I'm working in the same group of jbayless. In January we will start building the Reprap with new functionality at UBC. Let me know if you want to drop by and check it out =)

I really look forward to buildling a community for the West Canada Reprappers!

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