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Hardware Suppliers in Vancouver

Posted by jbayless 
Hardware Suppliers in Vancouver
June 16, 2010 02:51AM
This is an edited version of a list from UBC's mechanical engineering department. I haven't personally checked all of these sources, but my university trusts them all enough to recommend them.

Looking for stuff to build a RepRap, or similar projects? Can't just order everything from McMaster-Carr? Here's some good local places:


General Supplies

Princess Auto (15 King Edward St, Coquitlam (604) 777-0735 www.princessauto.com)
Retailer of low cost tools, equipment, supplies and limited range of components. Some driveline components (bearings, sprockets, chain, keyed shafting, couplings). Some hydraulic and pneumatic components.)

Metals (small quantities)

Metal Supermarkets (5150-A Still Creek Avenue Burnaby (604)293-1231,

A B C Traders Ltd 2980 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC V6X 2B3 604-278-1731
Cheaper than other suppliers, but no guarantee of grade


Industrial Plastics and Paints (5726 Minoru Boulevard, Richmond, BC
Retailer of plastic stock, engineered plastics, resins, fiber glass cloth, casting resins

FiberTek (Boundary Road, Near 1st Avenue, Burnaby)
Retailer of resins, fiber glass cloth and associated supplies

Fasteners (including threaded rod)

Pacific Fasteners (small quantity orders welcomed; cash sales available)
Located on 1st Avenue near Gilmore Street in Burnaby

Indufast (Fastec Engineering Ltd. 111-B, 81 Golden Drive, Coquitlam, B.C. V3K 6R2, 604-464-6164)www.indufast.com

Fastenal Canada Co, 36 5th Avenue East, Vancouver - (604) 876-2658 www.fastenal.com


BC Bearings
Princess Auto (very limited)

Home Improvement (lumber, sheet goods, plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, cement, fasteners, brackets, limited raw metal stock, tools, adhesives, paints, etc.)

Dunbar Lumber (16th Avenue and Dunbar, 3637 W. 16th Ave Vancouver Tel:
(604) 224-0434)

COE Timber Mart (one block east of Broadway and Alma)

Home Hardware (4459 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver 604-224-4934)

Rona (1503 Kingsway Vancouver, BC 604-877-1171 www.rona.com)

The Home Depot (900 Terminal Ave. Vancouver(604) 608-1423,

Canadian Tire (7th Avenue and Cambie St. or Heather Street and Southwest Marine Drive www.candiantire.com )

Summit Tools (On 1st Avenue 3 blocks east of Boundary Road)
Retailer of tools and equipment ranging from hand tools to power tools. Range of low cost and name brand tools

KMS Tools (Coquitlam, near the Highway 1 Brunette Exit)
Retailer of tools and equipment ranging from hand tools to power tools. Range of low cost and name brand tools

Busy Bee Machinery Ltd.
Retailer of tools and equipment ranging from hand tools to power tools. Mostly low cost imported tools

Woodworking Tools
Lee Valley Tools (1180 S.E. Marine Drive (604) 261-2262
High quality tools and supplies primarily for woodworking

Electronic Component Retailers

Main Electronic Supplies Ltd 4554 Main Street Vancouver BC Canada V5V 3R5 (604-872-0267)

Lee's Electronic Components (2005) Ltd - www.leeselectronic.com
4522 Main Street, Vancouver - (604) 875-1993

RP Electronics (2060 Rosser Ave, Burnaby - (604) 738-6722 www.rpelectronics.com )

On-Line Suppliers

McMaster Carr www.mcmastercarr.com
Extremely broad range of components, tools equipment, materials. Orders delivered typically in 2-3 days from time of order. Shipping costs reasonable, unless oversized. 3D CAD models are available for many parts, which you can download for free! Fasteners carry an anti-dumping duty up to 600% (don't bother ordering your screws here). Also note that they currently will not ship to Canadians unless they are associated with a major institution. I don't know why.

Small Parts Inc. www.smallparts.com
Esoteric items and materials in small quantities. Lead times typically several weeks.

Stock Drive Products www.sdp-si.com
Miniature driveline components such as gears, couplings, shafts, miniature bearings. No details on current lead times.

Misumi www.misumiamerica.com
driveline components such as gears, couplings, shafts, miniature bearings, automation components. No details on current lead times.

Newark www.newark.com
Electronic components

Digikey www.digikey.com
Electronic components

Mouser Electronics [ca.mouser.com]
Electronic components

Jameco Electronics www.jameco.com
Surplus and new electronic components

Edmund Scientifics [scientificsonline.com]
Hobby components
Mike P
Re: Hardware Suppliers in Vancouver
July 30, 2010 01:10PM
thank you for that treasure trove of contacts...just what i was looking for!
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