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3D Printer $960

Posted by GenericArt 
3D Printer $960
March 24, 2017 01:13AM
I'm selling my custom built 3d printer due to now having a daughter which takes up most of my time.

What you get for this price:

-3D printer
-A few spools of material for the printer, most unused (ABS, PLA, Nina-Flex, T-Glass and PetG)
-Few spare parts for 3D Printer (RAMPS 1.4, 2xTMC2100 drivers, 2 rubber belts and a cable management belt)

About the Printer:

-The print area of the printer is roughly 23cm x 34cm x 19cm.
-Printer is mostly made with extruded t-slot aluminum with ABS plastic printer mounts
-Runs on Marlin firmware
-Print style of the machine is a CoreXY
-Stepper motors are nema 17s USA made
-Printer head is an original E3D V6 nozzle at 1.75 diameter (There is a extra chinese nozzle that comes with the printer)
-Core of the machine runs off RAMPS 1.4 board with TMC2100 drivers
-The print bed is heated

The printer is very sturdy and can print quite well(I've attached some example prints from the machine). I am a novice still to 3d printing so if you have a lot of experience I'm sure you could tune the printer to print even better. I'm looking to get $960 for the deal but are open to offers as well.


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