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Building a Prusa Mendel in downtown Vancouver - Looking for printed parts and other makers

Posted by Angelina 
Hello makers,

I am embarking on a Prusa Mendel build. I am hoping to find someone local who is able to print me a set of parts (I'll pay for materials and buy you a cupcake!), but lacking that I am hoping at the very least to find a few others near me who are also working on their own Prusa builds.

I realize there were already a few other threads on this forum speaking of both of these things - however, they were started years ago, and recent replies to them had not seen timely response. I hope that with a fresh post I might garner fresh attention, especially of other new makers like myself.

I am a friendly software engineer living in downtown Vancouver. I've built several robots before, but never anything like a 3D printer. I'm confident that I could source the parts form elsewhere and build this on my own, but what fun would there be in that? If you are able to help by printing parts or would like to make a new friend to work on your project with, then you should reply to this thread.


- Angelina
Hello Angelina,

I hope you find someone closer to you, but if you don't we have a Fraser Valley Group meeting in Langley every second Wednesday of the month (next one on Oct 12th) [forums.reprap.org]

We currently have 6+ people (4 with working machines) and at least two complete sets of parts available from different members. Plus I have a partial set of reject parts which are still usable but not pretty, I would let go for the cost of the plastic. I also have a Repstrap that I have been thinking about selling, it has printed three Prusa's plus much more (25 lbs of PLA).

I just like spreading this world changing technology., I'm not in this to sell stuff and I've only used my machines to help others to fix there machines. And make cool stuff to make my life better and more fun.


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Hi Angelina.

I'm in the middle of my prusa build (which I'm documenting on my blog) and have a Makerbot Thingomatic.

As Brad mentioned, there are a bunch of us out in the burbs that just started meeting and a few of us have parts already printed. I've got a complete (metric) set in red ABS that I was going to put on eBay:

(the photo is missing 2 pulleys which should have been included)

Let me know if you're interested and do consider coming out to the meetup in a couple of weeks.


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If you still have the set, I am definitely interested. Please let me know. I'm in the Fraser Valley, but travelling throughout the lower mainland regularly.

Hello David,

Not sure if anyone has gotten back to you yet, if no one has please feel free to contact me through the PM system.

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Hi Angelina,
I'm also thinking about building a Prusa Mendel, and
I live in Vancouver (but not downtown).

I am a programmer too, and also a Ham radio
operator - familiar with electronics.

How much progress have you made so far?
I will check this forum frequently.

Hi Angelina,
I live in north shore and am very interested to start building my first Prusa. Please contact me in this forum if you want to start working on it together but each building our own, smiling smiley
I will be putting some electronics together soon if enough people want them
Oh, Angelina, I am in Vancouver!

As I just posted to Brad, I can make parts for you, delivered fresh by Skytrain!

Let me know how you are doing on your project. I am a mechanical engineer.

To the group of you in the Fraser Valley, let me introduce myself:
Andrew (twitter @Glitch3DModels), I am new to the scene and have a BFB 3D Touch. I would like to hear what's been going in the lower mainland.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

LOL you creepers are so keen to help the girl building a printer.
johnbiehler Wrote:

> [farm7.static.flickr.com]
> e3aeb07_d.jpg

wow, the print quality of these parts look awesome!!
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