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LaserBox : Decoupe et gravure laser , 2.8W

Posted by seca4all 
LaserBox : Decoupe et gravure laser , 2.8W
October 06, 2015 02:04AM
The Laser Box


Video of the machine in action


Goal : Creation of a cutting and engraving laser machine

First point : Excuse my very poor english , i hope you will understand my explanations...

For a long time I dreamed to play with a laser cutter.

I do not want to use CO2 Laser ( too hard to build and to setup).

So I choose a blue laser diode (445nm) for this job


To control movements , switch ON and OFF and and adjust the laser power , i used a CNC X Pro controler board

cnc x pro.jpg

To make the frame i used some vslot profiles ( from vslot-europe.com)

I have cut specific parts using my CNC and make some other parts were made with my 3D printer.


The Laser Diode :

The laser Diode has a power of 2.8W ( diode + driver from chez JTech photonic)

With this diode you can cut Foam , Balsa , acrylic ( it is a bit long ..)

You can also engrave.


How to switch ON anf OFF the laser and adjust his power :

The lighting of the laser is done using M03 instruction ( gcode ) and to switch OFF laser you must use instruction M05

Power adjustement is done using S0 instruction (normally used for the spindle speed variation)

The change can be carried out on 255 levels( de 0 à 254 )

Your GRBL file must be compiled before being downloaded to the controller card with a maximum spindle speed of 254 and minimum spindle speed 0

mods to do to the config.h file of GRBL :


#defineSPINDLE_MAX_RPM254.0// Max spindle RPM. This value is equal to 100% duty cycle on the PWM.

#defineSPINDLE_MIN_RPM0.0 // Min spindle RPM. This value is equal to (1/256) duty cycle on the PWM.


Example : M03 S254 ( switch ON laser at full power )

M03 S127 (switch ON laser at 50% of power )

M05 ( switch OFF the laser )

Laser Driver Current Monitoring Via MicroController

You can find more information for this application on the jtech photonics website

[​IMG] tp.jpg 16285596264_244b8b795a_o.jpg

Standalone machine

I add to this project a Raspberry Pi ( with raspbian ) and a 7’ LCD screen ,

so the machine is fully autonomous

I use grblcontroller to send the Gcode

08/01/2015 : I try this build with 2 new electronic cards , 1 x Arduino Uno + gShield V5 and 1 x TinyG V8 , I think that the arduino + gshield V5 is the better choice because of the price and because we don't need all functionnality that come with the 2 other boards

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me here or on the website www.vslot-europe.com

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Re: LaserBox : Decoupe et gravure laser , 2.8W
October 06, 2015 03:49AM

un kit de la bête est prévu ?


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Re: LaserBox : Decoupe et gravure laser , 2.8W
October 06, 2015 06:02AM
en francais sa donne quoi
Re: LaserBox : Decoupe et gravure laser , 2.8W
October 06, 2015 12:04PM
Oui je peut faire des kits comprenant le châssis et la partie électronique , mais sans le laser car je ne connais pas suffisamment les normes européennes en la matiere pour en importer des US. Pour baisser un peu le prix , on peut aussi remplacer certaines parties usinees en alu par de l ABS ça serait esthétiquement sympa et ne poserait pas de soucis vu qu il n y a pas vraiment d effort sur ce type de machine.

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Re: LaserBox : Decoupe et gravure laser , 2.8W
July 06, 2016 10:53PM
Je redeterre ce post car j' ai enfin pris le temps de mettre en ligne les fichiers dxf pour pouvoir faire ce montage ..

Fichiers dispo ici : [mytechno3d.com]
( en fin de post )

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