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Steppingstone 3D Printer User Group

Posted by Reef 
Steppingstone 3D Printer User Group
March 24, 2014 06:09PM
I'd like to start a user group in the SouthEast Michigan area. We (Steppingstone School) is located in Farmington Hills right around Middlebelt and Grand River. If you are interested in participating, please contact me here (yes, join the RepRap community if you haven't already).. We have a functioning MendelMax 1.5+ and are in the process of building a Cossel Delta printer (at the parts ordering and parts printing stage). This group is open to all.

I believe that this group should be open to kids and adults. The MendelMax was build by a group of 6-8th graders and many kids of various ages are interested in 3D printing. This could also be a place to get parts (order in bulk?), advice, encouragement, and support as needed. Additionally, learning to use a good CAD program and the various Slicer programs would be part of our mission.

Let me know if you are interested. I'm considering having an initial meeting sometime in April. Let me know what days and times work for you. It has to be after school and maybe around 7 pm? An occasional weekend? Weekly? Monthly? All things to discuss.
Happy Printing!
Re: Steppingstone 3D Printer User Group
April 21, 2014 08:47AM
I live in Southgate (35 min from Farmington).
I would be interested, I just ordered a printrbot simple and have a Kossel frame ready.
has there been any others interested?
Re: Steppingstone 3D Printer User Group
July 08, 2014 04:16PM
I am interested. I live near Ann Arbor and have a RepRap Prusa I2.
Re: Steppingstone 3D Printer User Group
August 12, 2014 11:28AM
I live in Clarkston. I've build 2 machines and am currently modifying a solidoodle 3 to use ramps 1.4 and dual extrude.
Re: Steppingstone 3D Printer User Group
October 15, 2014 07:15AM
I would be interested in attending.
I'm just getting started.
I live in Romeo Michigan, but work in Redford.

I've started collecting parts for building a RepRap Prusa Mendel I3, and if I get it running - would build a "MEGA" I3.

You can contact me here - or via my personal email: JoeComunale (at) Comcast.Net
Please put "RepRap 3D Printer" in the subject line.

Hope to hear from others wanting to build and use this exciting machine.

Re: Steppingstone 3D Printer User Group
November 30, 2014 12:05PM

One possibility, if prople are interested is to see if a makerspace such as TechShop in Allen Park could be a possible place to meet up and share 3d knowledge. Is there any interest in that idea?
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