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Parameter Settings - a silly confusion

Posted by AnkurB 
I was looking through the parameter settings, and somehow cannot seem to comprehend what


stand for. The description has me confused since there are more colour settings. Can anyone clarify what these stand for? I've used the host software and have never come across a green or a red background.

Re: Parameter Settings - a silly confusion
April 05, 2008 02:11PM
Hi Ankur,

... it's common to define colours with the RGB([R],[G],)-data, where the R/G/B-values are defined either in 8-bits from 0 to 255 or for higher resoultions as analogue values from 0,0 to 1,0.

So for example the color Black is defined as RGB(0,0,0) or BackColourR(0),BackColourG(0),BackColourB(0).

Then White is RGB(255,255,255) or BackColourR(1), ...

With mixing different values you can define all possible colours your graphic-card/monitor can display ...

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