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So can I run this on a Mac?

Posted by funnymachine 
Before I go and spend a whole load of cash building a printer, how can I figure out if I can run it on a Mac.

I have limited programming skills. Mediocre electronics skills.

And I want to make stuff with my computer.

I don't want to wait ten years to do it - I am too old.

Can anyone help?
Re: So can I run this on a Mac?
June 16, 2008 02:28AM
Simple answer is that it will work on a Mac.

Longer answer is that the instructions for doing so are here: [reprap.org] but is apparently still being written.

Both the reprap controlling host software and the 3d design tool Art of Illusion are written in Java so are cross platform, you just need to install the supporting software.
Re: So can I run this on a Mac?
June 16, 2008 10:40AM
...and the Arduino development environment works on a Mac and unlike most earlier CNC systems that used a PC parallel printer port or RS232 serial port the Arduino Diecimila uses USB so that's Mac compatible.
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