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Suggested improvements / New features?

Posted by DaveR 
Suggested improvements / New features?
June 21, 2008 12:23PM
I've managed to get the host software compiling.

Is there a list of improvements or suggested new features? I've found the todo page (http://reprap.org/bin/view/Main/DarwinTodo) but it looks old.

I'm happy to put some effort in to improving the software (since that's my day job). I just need to know what is most important to be done.

Currently, I can't test any of the interesting bits (actually printing), because I haven't started building mine yet. I'm waiting for the electronics kit from RRRF first.

My current list is:

General review/ familiarisation

Speedups and optimisation - it takes a long time for the main screen to start up. I.m running it through a profiler to try and identify what's taking the time, and whether I can increase the overall performance.

Suggestion: Split the current large properties file into separate sections or separate files. Sections might include :
reprap.host.software (colours, software options, etc)
reprap.darwin.0 (comms settings, stepper x y z spds, allows for multiple darwins driven from the same PC?)
reprap.extruder.1 (heater/thermistor, extruder motor speed, allow for multiple extruders or other tools)

Suggestion: better support for different materials? maybe a properties file for each material (CAPA, ABS, etc) with melting points, extrusion rates?

The problem is, I'm guessing as to what's needed. Anyone with a reprap and better ideas?

Re: Suggested improvements / New features?
June 24, 2008 04:09PM
After loading the code from subversion (where you get the eclipse project) it opens to a list of TODOs...

Note to self: Use the suggested development, rather than building your own project using GIT!
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