Java versions and the host software
July 02, 2008 06:21PM
I've changed the RepRap control panel in the Java host software so that it'll work under Java 1.5. It used to require Java 1.6 (which isn't on the Mac yet), so moving it back a step was a real pain. It's checked into the svn repository.

It's mostly there, plus a little added functionality. You can now pause a build, Sto(re) the current machine coordinates in the XYZ tab, hit the Rcl (recall) button to load those stored coordinates into the destination location, move the machine about, restock the extruder, etc etc, then hit Rcl again then Go there to get back to where you left off, then resume the build. It turns the extruder off when you pause, but doesn't automatically turn it on again when you resume (as you won't always want this). Turn it on in the extruder panel before resuming if that's what you want.

You need swing-layout-1.0.3.jar in your classpath for all this to work. This requirement will go away when we finally move to Java 1.6 (as its equivalent is in there already), but for the moment it's in the lib directory for your convenience.

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Re: Java versions and the host software
July 03, 2008 12:47PM
Thanks smiling smiley

I've had some headaches with Mac OS X and Java 1.6, due to the fact that Java 1.6 on Mac comes as a 64-bit only JVM, meaning that all JNI libraries also need to be 64-bit.
At the moment, rxtx appears to be the only problem, which is partially fixed (although it still crashes some places).
It would be nice if we can keep the host software on 1.5, at least until the 64-bit stuff stabilizes a bit in the Mac world..
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