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learning java - any tips?

Posted by Wade 
learning java - any tips?
July 06, 2008 11:24AM
So, my Darwin is ready to go, but I need to be able to run a version of the host software that will talk to the thermocouple. I've been beating my head against the wall trying to get Java running properly for several weeks now, but it's just not working. Definitely user error, but it makes me wonder about the idea of cross platform compatibility.

So, back to school. I used to code in C and assembly, so I keep thinking this isn't so hard, but I'm stuck. What's the best way to learn Java? I'm cranking on the Sun tutorials (http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/index.html), but thought I'd ask in here, as you guys are the gurus.
Re: learning java - any tips?
July 06, 2008 01:56PM
Having a C background will help make the syntax familiar, but despite looks Java is tailored for a very different style of coding than C. Probably the best book to learn from is 'Thinking in Java' by Bruce Eckels. He has the previous version available as a PDF at:

The Gang of Four book is also a good read; that while not specifically about Java would make a great next step.
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Re: learning java - any tips?
July 06, 2008 01:59PM
I'd suggest beating your head against a wall, but you've already been doing that. spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
Re: learning java - any tips?
July 06, 2008 05:46PM
Maybe you have already done this - in which case I missed it. Could you layout out your environment (versions, OSs etc), and the problems you are having. Then perhaps we can help.

Re: learning java - any tips?
July 06, 2008 06:07PM
Thanks for the info guys! I'm having the exact same error as Andy D, so I just added my details to his post here:

Will find some other computers to test with in case its a video card issue, but I figured I needed to get better at deciphering Java error codes first.


Forrest, your posts always make me smile. I found your old posts about your opinion of Java while searching for solutions to my head-banging; can't say I disagree at the moment. However, I am making progress on the host software, and it's starting to be less work and more fun. Maybe I can run the host on my cellphone soon! smiling smiley

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