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Two Wire interfaces

Posted by zignig 
Two Wire interfaces
October 11, 2008 08:20AM
I've been making some of my own electronics, I've got an arduino and an atmega8 and L293D hooked up.

I have found some good resources for avr code on the net (http://hubbard.engr.scu.edu/embedded/)

My question is, has anyone done any coding on a two wire interface for the reprap electronics?

I like the two wire interface because I can (eventually smiling smiley ) get multiple avr to talk with 4 wires (5V,Gnd,data,clock).

I am also halfway through getting a 644p (sanguino) onto a stripboard (I will post designs once it has been tested)

Re: Two Wire interfaces
October 11, 2008 09:26AM
It's built into my Oshonsoft Basic IDE development system compiler, but I've not used it for anything
Re: Two Wire interfaces
October 11, 2008 09:00PM
Hey Forrest,

The arduino interface has got a tow wire library as well (Wire) , I have tested it with my set up and it works. However this is just a byte based interface and does not specify any kind of command system.

I suppose my real question is has anyone worked on a control protocol via the two wire interface?

I see that Zach (all hail his sanguinosity) is looking into RS485, I will just continue my musings and keep hacking away at a two wire stuff.

My first real step to making this work is hacking up the boot loader to be two wire , so I can upload to any device on the Two Wire bus.

just-keep-coding ; just-keep-coding.....

smiling smiley
Re: Two Wire interfaces
October 11, 2008 10:07PM
I'm staying with USB and I2C for the nonce. I may switch USB to Ethernet eventually, but not so soon now that I've found that USB 2.0 shielded cables don't get disrupted with EMI/RFI.
Re: Two Wire interfaces
October 11, 2008 10:27PM
I have been working on an LCD control button interface board.

Using the I2C bus and a Microchip mcp23017 chip I also have made it so it can use
the mcp23s17 so it will work on serial. It can also be addressable and could be used for a just keyboard interface.

Now the software has to be written to include the LCD. I have found just a
small test program for the arduino I2C LCD interface.

I hope to have info posted in the Blog in the next week or so.

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