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modeling software

Posted by Annirak 
modeling software
December 02, 2008 01:48AM
I'm new to reprap, and I'm looking to start putting together some designs. I need a piece of modeling software. I'd prefer linux and open source and, of course, capable of generating stl files that reprap can use.

What should I look at?

I took a brief look at blender, but it looked far more focused on 3d animation than I need.
Re: modeling software
December 02, 2008 02:23AM
Hi Annirak -- this will get you started...

AOI is the program used to generate the shapes:

Notes about the Reprap host software:

Re: modeling software
December 08, 2008 08:17AM
I would also suggest Blender [www.blender.org]. Not the most intuitive interface...but wow, the capabilities. It also exports STLs.
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