DVD Image
December 06, 2008 04:12PM
O.K maybe im just missing something really obvious, but I just downloaded the Live DVD image and burned it to a disk. Now that all the files from the download are there I dont know what to do next. The only thing i can find that acctually runs is the kubuntu installer. I already have ubuntu rinning as a secondary OS on my comp, should i run it in that? Thanks for your help.

Re: DVD Image
December 07, 2008 04:13AM
boot from that dvd

yes, that easy grinning smiley

Re: DVD Image
December 07, 2008 10:51AM
thanks, i knew there was something really simple I was missing...

Re: DVD Image
December 07, 2008 02:27PM
O.K, so i went in and changed the boot order so the CD is first. But when the computer starts it just shows the flashing DOS cursor for a second tan asks what operating system I want to boot to (Vista or Ubuntu) i've tried both and nothing happens. I've even tried pressing F10 to get to the boot menu and tell it directly to boot to the CD. Help!

Re: DVD Image
December 08, 2008 04:51AM
Well ...

Okay let's start from the beginning.
I guess you burnt the dvd image file as DVD not as CD, right?
(some older dvd image might fit on a cd if you have an oversized blank)
Assuming that, you also marked "make dvd bootable" in your burning software didn't you?
(a different entry in nero for example, in some other burning soft it might be just a checkbox)
Assuming you did all that right.

At least I do have two different optical drives installed;
did you choose the right one to boot from.
I have an empty dvd in one of those almost all the time, to backup what ever comes next to be backed up grinning smiley
So maybe you just tried to boot an empty dvd, which will result in booting your harddisk again.
If you have two dvd drives installed, try the other one.
If you have only one, then it seems to be obvious, that you either forgot to save the bootorder in your bios (btw, there is no need to change the bootorder, almost all bios do have a bootmenu option.. phoenix for example shows that one up by hitting F11 on the first bootscreen; that comes in handy if you have Live dvds grinning smiley)
or you didn't made the dvd bootable.
(implausible since it's an img file which can be burned properly without any settings made; at least if you're not using that damned vista inbuild burning tool)

It sounds like you already have a bootloader installed (Grub or lilo)
There should be an options menu available from which you can add new bootdevices.
You may find a boot from dvd option there too.


If you only have the vista inbuild burning soft,
you may want to give this free portable standalone burning tool a chance:
Re: DVD Image
December 08, 2008 03:24PM
"at least if you're not using that damned vista inbuild burning tool"

ahem, opps. That would do it. Didn't know you had to actually tell it to make it bootable. Thanks again for your continued help!
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