PIC Firmware Question
January 05, 2009 05:50PM
Hello all,

I was just wandering if it was possible to get hold of the firmware files for the PICs in their highlevel language? I would love to know a bit more about what is happening inside them. I have imported the hex files into MPLAB but there is close to 3000 lines of assembler which I dont fancy going through.

Can anyone tell me where to get them or if you have any thoughts please let me know.


Re: PIC Firmware Question
January 06, 2009 01:47PM
I believe you have to use Subversion to get the source for those...I'm not sure but that is what I remember reading once. Should be in the documentation.

from subversion here...

Developer install on linux here which will get you most of the programs you need to work with this stuff.


Hope that helped.


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