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Extruder Preferences (see Developer Forum)

Posted by jmarsden 
Extruder Preferences (see Developer Forum)
May 27, 2007 12:41PM
I can't respond in the Developers forum... so...

Adrian wrote, in a topic named "Extruder Preferences":
> This means that people will have to update their reprap.preferences
> file (though not the reprap.preferences.dist file).
> The changes are just in some names: ...

It should be possible to provide for backward compatibility by checking for the 'new' names and if they do not exist, using the value of the corresponding 'old' name instead. It means making Extruder #1 a special case, to check for the 'old' names as a fallback, but doing that avoids the "everyone manually update their preferences" requirement, and so is more user-friendly, IMO. You might consider handling this in an exception handler which is triggered by an expected preference value being missing, so that the main code path is not cluttered with it?

Just a thought.

At a higher level, what is the norm for deciding which forum a particular topic belongs in? I can see value in a core developers forum for discussion on project direction/management/funding/etc which outsiders have no business commenting on... but for technical choices and questions and bugs, it seems to me that the project would benefit by allowing "mere mortal" Reprappers from participating in the dialogue. Originally I ignored the core developers forum, expecting it to have only admin/policy/finance stuff in it... later I read it, and realized it has technical questions and issues there too, somewhat to my surprise.

Is there a clear definition somewhere of "what goes in which forum", and, if possible, a rationale for that structure?


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