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June 04, 2007 02:34AM
I just checked in a change that could affect everyone with a modified file.

The software now *only* uses the file in ~/.reprap/ -- and will create one there if it does not exist.

This means that if you have an existing file you will want to move or copy it to there before using the current (revision 617) Subversion code, and before using any reprap-host-*.zip packages dated today or later.

Upside: This should mean we have a .zip file that will work (run the host software) on any of the 3 platforms (Linux, Windows and Macintosh) and also let you save your prefs. We have not (until today) had that capability.

If initial tests check out, look for a file released on SourceForge in the next couple of days (where SOMETHING is a version indicator!).

Note: At a Linux command prompt type echo $HOME to display your home dir.
At a Windows command prompt, type echo %USERPROFILE% to display your home dir.
At a Mac OS X command prompt, echo $HOME *should* work.

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