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MAC OSX host software

Posted by seanmc30 
MAC OSX host software
July 13, 2009 10:37PM
I recently discovered the Reprap page, decided to start the project, and started trying to get the software. I'm having a hard time finding any way to get the host software to work on a MAC. The only page listing instructions I could find is supposedly obsolete.

I am really good at mechaincal applications but just getting this software to the point it can be opened is driving me a little crazy. is there a streamlined process I'm missing here or should I have bought a PC?

Thanks Sean McC
Re: MAC OSX host software
July 14, 2009 12:51AM
I've been using Skeinforge to slice STL files, and ReplicatorG to print them out from my Mac without any problems. ReplicatorG isn't much fun to run without a RepRap, but Skeinforge will give you a bit of an idea of the process involved, and it shows cool graphics now.

I'm also interested in running the RepRap host software on my mac, so post if you figure it out. I usually just boot Ubuntu on an older machine to run my Darwin, as I like to keep my Mac available for human use.

Re: MAC OSX host software
July 14, 2009 12:49PM
What about using Virtualbox to run the (I assume) reprap PC software on your intel mac? I've had great success with it for other engineering applications, after a bit (a few hours) of learning curve to set it up right. USB sockets seem to work pretty well and now support all major classes.


Re: MAC OSX host software
July 14, 2009 04:38PM
Could'nt get it to run on a mac either, even not on linux. Im using Skeinforge. Can be troublesome to get running too but when it runs its a nice piece of code

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Re: MAC OSX host software
July 16, 2009 03:43AM
I finally got it to run on the mac using the net beans environment. I still have not worked out why the path to the libraries are not found when the project is built.

At least I can run the software from inside the net beans shell.

Most of my progress stalled as I need some FTDI chips and the "proper" ATMEL AVRs. I have all the atmel tools and programmers, but none of the chips I have are the right ones for the rep rap. Same for my FTDI chips as I use the parallel version with a mega88 for my projects. Since I am scanning "piano" type rolls I need a fast transfer of the data.

I did get as far as stopping by Jameco to get some of the needed stepper driver chips. I need the older rev board for these chips and have not found the time to make or order one.

I am still frustrated more over the lack of mac support. I think the iconoclasts have taken it over to the python skeinforge. I went to download the dev system for that but most of the links were broken and it looked like another dead end.

Eventually I expect to get around to ordering the FTDIs and the right mega avrs for driving the steppers. Mostly I sit here and wait for someone to answer the mac library question I posted months ago.

Re: MAC OSX host software
July 16, 2009 04:12AM
Hi Julie,

have you tried with VirtualBox ( [www.virtualbox.org] ) and a Linux- or Windows-client?

They're supporting USB/RS232 and you can test with the 'iconoclastics' winking smiley

I'm running with a Vista-Host and Linux/Win2K/WinXP-clients for older CAD/CAM's and some special problems ...

Re: MAC OSX host software
July 16, 2009 06:48PM
I have a number of powerPC Tiger machines which I would like to use for reprap. For AVR develipment I use window machines.

I want the mac libraries for the rep rap to work with the host software. Nothing more nothing less.
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