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Xgl + Java3D = doesn't work

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Xgl + Java3D = doesn't work
June 10, 2007 12:33PM
I recently installed the software and executed it. This is what I get:

Java 3D WARNING : reported GLX version = 1.2
GLX version 1.3 or higher is required
The reported version number may be incorrect. There is a known
ATI driver bug in glXQueryVersion that incorrectly reports the GLX
version as 1.2 when it really is 1.3, so Java 3D will attempt to
run anyway.
*** ERROR: Canvas3D constructed with a null GraphicsConfiguration
*** This will cause a NullPointerException in a subsequent release
java.lang.NullPointerException: Canvas3D: null GraphicsConfiguration


I have been searching for the source of the problem and came to an explanation.
The problem here is Xgl, that currently only implements GLX 1.2.
So if you are using any fancy stuff like Compiz/Beryl on top of Xgl you need to remove it and go back to the plain Xorg (I have to test it with AIGLX though).
Anonymous User
Re: Xgl + Java3D = doesn't work
June 17, 2007 09:45AM
I had the same error-message on my laptop with debian sarge and an ati radeon 9600 card. it took me several hours to figure out what was needed:
1. enabling the kernel-options for AGP and AGP_INTEL (my AGP-controller is from intel) in the kernel
2. installing the official ati-driver (http://ati.amd.com/support/drivers/linux/linux-radeon.html)
and changing the XF86Config-4 to use the ati-driver
3. loading following modules: agpgart, intel_agp, fglrx

after these steps the programm glxinfo shows as OpenGL renderer string: "ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9600/9700 Series" and not something with "...mesa..."!
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