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designing a program setup wizard tool for reprap

Posted by james villeneuve 
Re: designing a program setup wizard tool for reprap
January 11, 2010 11:38AM
Jeff is right, but maybe this should be in RepRap's own svn for eventual checking in to 'official' release.

Because right now everything is scattered all over the place. (My pet peeve, only hardware: people who design cool new extruders and cool new RepStraps and aren't in the habit of keeping a copy of their work in the wiki for everyone else.)

So talk to one of the people who have access to the RepRap svn about this.
i'll look at source forge and find reprap contact info. at least the code will be at source forge.

BTW i tested this build on ubuntu. has anyone got it installed and working. extract it to c:\ directory or .wine\drive_c\

I may need to create an install to make sure skeinforge behaves.

Re: designing a program setup wizard tool for reprap
January 16, 2010 10:33PM
Hi James,

I have an old spare machine that I'm intending to make just for controlling the various reprab builds I have made. As I am using Ubuntu now for the Bertha CNC. I was looking at using Ubuntu again on this machine too.

I'm not fully up to date/speed with Ubuntu or Linux now ~ aside from the EMCC2 version I have installed.

The last time I had a working Linux box was when it was on 25 floppy disks.
I was using it for doing PKT Radio networking the late 80's using TNC (Terminal node controllers) on 433MHz.

So I'm not sure which package I should use I will also need to install a version that has support for WIFI I have not figured out how to get WIFI working on My EMCC2 machine I had a little play but with it not having a connection or a PC near with one I gave up after a while and left it as a stand alone CNC controller..

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iv'e had issues with getting wifi to work as well. using the 8.04 install then adding emc2 gives you the option to switch kernels at boot. it will stay in the kernel you choose until you change it again. so update files, then reboot and switch the kernel. what i've been doing is keeping a usb drive hand and moving files over. but something is missing in the support kernel especially with wifi

i think it may do with the timings that are needed for parallel port
Re: designing a program setup wizard tool for reprap
August 09, 2010 07:36PM
Does anyone know why i am getting a runtime error "53" ( File not found ) when i click on 3d_simple.exe ?
Re: designing a program setup wizard tool for reprap
September 26, 2010 09:51PM
You need to download the 3d_simple_setup.zip 102meg download first. The 3d_printer.zip file is only 17.1meg. I believe it is just updates. What I did was download the 102meg set then downloaded the 17.1meg and copy and pasted the new files over the old files. Then I ran the installer.exe. Seemed to work fine. I could see the new features after I re-ran the upgrade. Hope that helps.
Re: designing a program setup wizard tool for reprap
January 13, 2011 09:23PM
does this generate E files for anyone?
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