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Increasing java heap space in development version (eclipse)

Posted by Anonymous User 
Hi All,

I can't build anything complex in the source version of REPRAP (just like it says in the release notes.)

How do I increase the Java heap space allocated for the source version of REPRAP?
This is done by passing arguments on the command line in the Jar version. Yes I am thinking about getting my hands dirty with the code, Host-8.1... is alive and well on my machine and builds everything I have thrown at it..
I have done what I think of as the obvious searches, but I guess not.
Re: Increasing java heap space in development version (eclipse)
July 10, 2007 03:48AM
Basically you need to pass an option argument of the form


to the java interpreter (where 384M means a maximum of 384 MBytes of RAM).


(1) If you run the thing using "ant run", you can edit build-user.xml to add a jvmarg tag to the java task, something like

should be all you need.

(2) If you are running it inside Eclipse, you would use Run -> Run... and set up appropriate JVM arguments to a run task that do what you want.

(3) If you want to "just do it yourself" at the shell prompt, you can do something like

java -Xmx384M -jar ~/reprap/Reprap/jar/Reprap.jar

or use a similar longer command line that runs from the .class files directly.

Are you actually finding bugs that only show up in complex objects? I'm intrigued -- please tell us what they are! So far, I find I can happily tweak and test things with simple objects and not worry about RAM usage, and then package the result via host-package-release, unpack the resulting .zip file and run using the reprap.sh script to do anything "serious" with complex objects. But I can see why that might get annoying if you like to stay inside Eclipse and are working with bugs that you can't duplicate with simpler objects!

Re: Increasing java heap space in development version (eclipse)
July 10, 2007 06:00PM
yay! it will be good for the host software to get some loving. once i get my darwin built, i'll also dive into the code. there are a ton of things i'd like to see done. personally, i think the 3d stuff is nice, but i'd love a 2D build view that can do exports to other formats (or a movie, or whatever.)
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