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x axis missing steps

Posted by dave3d 
x axis missing steps
October 16, 2014 05:18PM
I am using both Repetier firmware and Repetier Host on my OrdBot.
It was working OK but something has recently caused prints to move sideways along the x axis. May have been something I have done. When I do a test cube it happens after a few layers. After each 3 or 4 layers, suddenly the print is displaced by about 1 cm to the left.
I don't know why it is missing steps. It has me stumped. I re checked the voltage on the stepper driver. I set it on 0.32v.
I swapped over the x and y stepper drivers. I have re configured the firmware and reduced the x speed and acceleration settings.

I previously had a problem with my z axis but found settings that work after taking advice on here.
my y axis seems fine.

Current firmware settings are :
xy jerk 10
x travel speed 250
travel accel 250
print accel 250

Tried varing eeprom settings and Repetier Host settings all to no avail.

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