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ERROR: Producer.produce()

Posted by Xan 
ERROR: Producer.produce()
April 09, 2010 06:02AM
I've encountered the following problem, and i havent got a clue where to start
Google and the reprap forum produce 0 answers sad smiley

ERROR: Producer.produce(): bottom-up builds no longer supported.

I suspect it has something to do with my settings, but that's just a guess.
I'm running the latest reprap software and firmware.

When i start a print job the following happends:
- the machine checks the endstops
- extruder heatup delay
- produces error in console
- checks endstops
- displays "finised" message in reprap software

Re: ERROR: Producer.produce()
April 09, 2010 09:22AM
found the following reference in Producer.java
	Debug.e("Producer.produce(): bottom-up builds no longer supported.");
Isnt a reprap a ground-up building device??
I think i have the terms mixed up or something
Re: ERROR: Producer.produce()
April 09, 2010 04:29PM
I reverted to a previous version and everything is fine there.
Looks like there were some changes in the latest 2 versions, maybe it isnt 100% yet.
Will keep an eye on it.
Re: ERROR: Producer.produce()
January 08, 2011 05:18AM

Did you ever find the cause of this?
I have the same symptoms, and regressing to a really old version does stop this error (but introduces others, making it useless)

Re: ERROR: Producer.produce()
January 08, 2011 07:20PM
Are you still using an old preferences file? Try moving the preferences file to a different location so it is not picked up by the application and see if the error still happens.

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