[email protected] and RepRap Multiple Material File Format
August 14, 2007 01:12PM
We have been talking with the [email protected] team about defining a common format for multiple-material data exchange, so I've set up this thread to allow all to discuss it.

There's a page on the RepRap wiki at:


that will follow along behind this discussion.

To get the ball rolling...

Hod Lipson wrote:

>However, ther are people who have gbeen
>giving this some thought and have published papers on this question -
>perhaps include them too. (I'm not sure who exactly but I recall seeing
>papers about this). We need also a format for specifying material/tool
>properties, indepdently of geometry, and these two issues are coupled.

My old chum S.T. Tan in HK did some work on this way back (pause to dig about in Google
Scholar...). Refs:

W. K. Chiu and S. T. Tan: Multiple material objects: from CAD representation to data
format for rapid prototyping, Computer-Aided Design Volume 32, Issue 12, October 2000,
Pages 707-717.

Y. K. Siu and S. T. Tan:

best wishes


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