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comms error

Posted by BalanceSeeker 
comms error
April 24, 2010 05:27AM
Hello everyone,

I have connected the sanguino m/board via usb cable to host software and receive the following error:

comms: G-code: M105 dequeued and sent [17.160s/0ms]
comms: GCodeWriter.waitForOK() - temperature reading: T:0 [17.176s/16ms]
comms: GCode acknowledged with message: ok EB [17.176s/0ms]
Error 0x1 at /home/bob/foo/rxtx-devel/build/../src/termios.c(2497): Incorrect fu

comms: G-code: T0 dequeued and sent [17.176s/0ms]
comms: GCode acknowledged [17.192s/16ms]

Is anyone fimiliar with this error, and more importantly, how to resolve it?

Thankyou in advance

Marius Botha
Pretoria, South Africa
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