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Motherboard testing - Sanguino Homebrew.

Posted by t3kboi 
Motherboard testing - Sanguino Homebrew.
May 03, 2010 12:45AM
Breadboarding a mobo - currently have connected 3 x pololu step drivers, an SN75176 transceiver, power, ground, and motor power.

Motor drivers are connected to the matching pins for the sanguino mobo v 1.2 pinouts - xyz - dir, step, enable.

Writing my own sketch to exercise the motors - works great.

Loaded the 5G interpreter onto the board - verified configuration.h, verified pins.h.

After upload , the board goes to the 2hz blink on the debug LED.

started the reprap host program, and set com port to COM4, and commsdebug=true

Running the host program, and connecting to my board generates one of two outcomes:

1. The console sends a single line that reads: N0 TO *26


2. The console reads "Attemoting to Initialize Arduino/Sanguino"

I tried this from a different machine, to rule out windows, com port issues, basic communications - I get the same results on two different host machines.

My questions:

First - If I just program a Sanguino, not connected to anything at all other than the USB FTDI cable, what will the RepRap host software display when connecting to the device?

Second- What are the bare minimum of things I need to connect to the Sanguino to make it visible/responsive to the RepRap host software (either real things, or just tying pins to ground/vcc/resistance)

Third - Any ideas about either of the messages that I get from the console?

Thanks in advance,

Re: Motherboard testing - Sanguino Homebrew.
May 05, 2010 05:18PM
OK - I figured this one out -

Windows -

In addition to configuring baud rate settings in the reprap host software, I had to go to Device mangler in windows, and manually change the port settings there as well.

So when using reprap host - I set to 19200,N,8,1
When using replicatorG - 38400, N,8,1

If I don't set it in device mangler as well as in the host software, I only get partial comms with the mobo - strange responses, timeouts, etc.
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