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End of print job ramming Y endstop

Posted by rfresh737 
End of print job ramming Y endstop
March 24, 2016 08:47PM
My Prusa i3 print jobs are printing OK. However, at the end of every job, the extruder seems to run fast in the Y axis and hits the end stop really hard and grinds the stepper for a couple of seconds.

I was wondering if the Gcode was moving the head too fast at the end of the job?

So I looked at the code and see this at the end:

G1 X111.890 Y75.600 F5400.000
G1 X111.890 Y34.617 E18.62386 F1200.000
G1 F4320
G1 X111.890 Y47.217 E11.97386
G1 E11.62386 F2400.00000
G92 E0
M104 S0 ; turn off temperature
G28 X0 ; home X axis
M84 ; disable motors

Could it be the F4320 feed rate is setting it too fast? How can I change this for all my jobs?

Re: End of print job ramming Y endstop
March 26, 2016 01:07AM
I'm attaching a short video I made showing the Y axis stepper motor studdering at the end of the job.

Does anyone know what might be causing this? This happens at the end of every print job I do.

Y Axis Stepper Motor Studder
Re: SOLVED End of print job ramming Y endstop
March 27, 2016 02:23PM
So I found the solution to this problem. I just happen to notice that after homing, the X, Y, Z axis readings in the Repetier Host Manual Tab, did not show all 0's. The Y axis showed 10 (or maybe it was -10 I can't recall exactly now, but wasn't zero)...so I thought this seemed strange, so I looked at Config->Printer Settings->Printer Shape Y Min value and changed it to 0. That fixed it...!!!
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