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Win XP communications problem

Posted by rusty 
Win XP communications problem
January 21, 2008 02:15PM
Hello all - I'm about half way through building my reprap and I'm having some problems with the reprap host 0.8.3 (I haven't tried any others) software communicating with my electronics - I think...

I've followed the build instructions to the letter (almost winking smiley ) - I'm using the PIC based first gen. electronics with the newer UC boards v1.2.1. I'm to the point where I test (test 3) the UC board using "Tools -> Stepper Exerciser" and I get an error saying that the host software can't find the COM1 port... (I can post the actual error if needed) - any thoughts...

*I'm running Win XP (fresh install) - I believe all the Java files are in the right location - The reprap host software starts and seems to be stable - I receive no errors in the console.

* I've changed my com1 baud rate on my system to 19200 (and checked it twice "mode com1 /status")

* The port in the "preferences" is set to "com1" - not "tty/com1" or tty/... etc.

* I've past all the voltage tests - everything is within the specifications.

* I've past all the other communications tests with my serial port - all my lights are green - when I short my rx/tx pins I get text echoed back to me in Hyperterminal and my lights blink on the PC card (also, no short = no echo) - I've tested just my serial port and it checks out with the same Hyperterminal test - my serial cable is straight through (tested with my multimeter).

*I'm NOT using a usb to serial adaptor.

* With one UC board plugged into the PC board I have one bi-colored led light up - when I plug in the serial cable the other bi-colored led lights up - (at one point one was red, but I re-wired my rx/tx and it turned green. < - all should be well yes/no??)

The only thing I haven't done is change out/reprogram the PIC - could I have an error there that would cause the host software not to find the electronics/com1 port. The debugging led on my UC board is glowing green and I'm testing with the X axis firmware programed PIC.

Any ideas?
Re: Win XP communications problem
January 21, 2008 03:19PM
I just checked my setup. I have "COM1" as the port name. If I change it to "com1", it fails with "there was an error opening com1". I'm guessing it has to be uppercase.
Re: Win XP communications problem
January 21, 2008 06:18PM
Yes! This worked I changed my port from "com1" to "COM1" and it works!thumbs up

Got the stepper tester up and running and everything looks good.

Thanks Steve.
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