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Third world solar cookers

Posted by mimarob 
Third world solar cookers
July 11, 2008 04:44AM
"It all seemed like a good idea at the time, why not use the sun as the source for preparing the food instead of walking for miles with 20-40kg of firewood on your back..."

I just found two wonderful articles on third-world technologies that I wanted to share:

From what I understand it was developed at a Univeristy in Ethiopia.

I especially love the part where they mention that solar cookers in their original form, apart from being unpractical and dangerous, created a sense of "apathy" around the whole meal :-)

I would love to test this during the summer months but the thought of five kilos of CaO (quicklime) in a box kinda scares me off :-E
Maybe I'll try gypsum instead!

And another one which it references, its from 1984.
Fuel-Saving Cookstoves, Aprovecho Institute

I especially like chapter 1. "How not to develop a stove"

The kind of cultural problems you can bang your head into with something as seemingly simple as a stove :-)
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