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Cricut Automatic Paper Cutter - Hackable?

Posted by jcabrer 
Re: Cricut Automatic Paper Cutter - Hackable?
March 04, 2012 08:30PM
I love it when armchair quartebacks make this claim. Apple is now the richest company in the world because of the choices SJ made. As far as your comment is concerned, IBM was an "open" system and they are now out of the personal computer business along with thousands of other "open" system pcs. Had SJ made the decision you suggest then Apple Computers would have been just another PC maker.
you now can buy them online instead of ebay auctions.
hfgcllc now has a webstore now at www.hfgcllc.com where you can buy and instantly receive the downloads
You can get everything you need to make the make the cut software work with your Cricut machine at www.hfgcllc.com

HOw do you make the changes?
Is pccplugin still floating around? hddearing@gmail.com
Re: Cricut Automatic Paper Cutter - Hackable?
June 07, 2012 05:47PM

get the 1 that is 9.82mb. Google translate the readme file. Enjoy. If you cant follow instructions...............
I've looked thru the past posts and saw that the fairy cuts version 1.12 will take svg files to where you can cut them with your cricut! Is this still true and where can I buy this version?

My email is vandcarrie@comcast.net

Any help would be great!!!
If anyone has the "cricut create" firmware file "cricut_v15_1.enc" please post a link or send via email.

This file is part of the cricket design studio software (but it must be an older version of cricket design studio). You can find this file in the following location.
C:\Program Files\Cricut Software\Cricut DesignStudio\Firmware Releases

With this file you should be able to update your older firmware to 1.5.1 which is required by SCAL.
Read this post: [diydata.wordpress.com]

Then you can get the .dll file you need to make it work with the cricut here: [tptis.com] It works. I did it today. You can then make any cuts you like.
Re: Cricut Automatic Paper Cutter - Hackable?
September 28, 2012 09:46PM
I use Sure Cuts Alot 2, I didn't read this whole thread, but that's what I use and it works great, been using it for a couple years now.
I would like to get my hands on a usable program to open up this cricut cutter. This thing is a pos if it cant free cut. I got it as a gift because they thought I would be able to cut decals with it... Nice decals , not there crappy ones. If anyone has updates let me know [email protected] hotmail DOT com
I just tried to import the plug-in into the appropriate folder via the instructions given in a previous post.... and to my dismay, it didn't work.
The newest version of Make the Cut "does not allow the plugin to be loaded".... This is so frustrating. Why can't I use the product I PURCHASED how I WANT TO??
Re: Cricut Automatic Paper Cutter - Hackable?
January 01, 2013 09:09PM
You will have to find a copy of make the cut 4.1.0 to use the cricut plugin
Cricut Malfunction
February 02, 2013 10:41AM
Good work at this forum, Kudos
Pls, i have a cricut expression cutting Machine, it just show all the light indicator on and display only CRICUT on it screen no menu.

Kindly helpme discuss solution to solve this matter asap. thank you.
I have the cricut expression 2. I had know idea that you could not use 3rd party SVG's HELP!!!! Next time I will do research, but until then I am stuck with this pos!! What a pain in the a$$!!! I would/could use any help out there!!!!

I don't know anything about programing, but I want to make my Cricut cut Illustrator files. Is there a user friendly way to do this? I also want my Cricut to continue cutting cartdriges, cuz I own a few... Please enlighten me! Email me if you can!

Thanks a lot! spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
I tried changing both to True and saving, but would not allow me access to .xml so that i could save the data. any ideas would help greatly. thanks
if you find out can you please let me know I also have a cricute and would like to cute more then what they want you to cut if you get a way to do it were i can cut freely please e-mail me and let me know.
You guys seem pretty knowledgeable about the Cricuts, and especially the hacks and companion programs for it. I'm looking at getting a cricut to donate to my daughter's preschool for the crafts that they do every single day. Right now they put the paper and shapes out on the counter and ask parents to cut them out. 40 pumpkin shapes, not so much of a problem. 480 little people that me and 8 other people cut over the last 2 days - THAT's a problem! I understand the marketed use of the cricut with cartridges. What I want to know is if any shape can be input into it (like the mouth of a jack o'lantern) and cut multiples of that shape on one page? If this is possible, what methods would need to be done to get this to work and on which cricut? How easy would this be for the teachers to do themselves if I had everything set up to being with?

Thanks for any help!
email is nightshade _ 69 _ @ hotmail dot com if you'd prefer to email me
If you haven't already bought a Cricut, STOP! Don't buy one unless you like being able to only use very expensive designs from cartridges and being unable to use any designs or fonts other than what the Cricut manufacturer sells. If you like being a corporate slave, paying huge amounts of money for the priveledge of being allowed to use only the designs the Cricut manufacturer produces, then go for it.

There are several other cutters available that are completely unlimited, they'll cut anything that vector software (like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator) can send to them. The machines usually cost a bit more than a Cricut but you save a ton of money on not buying cartridges.

The web is stuffed with FREE vector clipart and if you're an artistic person you can make your own, including designs like a "Grateful Dead" skull logo you'll never ever see on a Cricut cartridge.

If you've made the mistake of obtaining a Cricut, read through this whole thread to find out what older versions of software to get to update the firmware, but not to too new a version, and to be able to 'print' to the Cricut.

Someone was doing a complete custom firmware replacement for the Cricut to convert it to a normal cutter like the RoboCut and others but that project appears to have been abandoned.
It no longer supports CRICUT
I bought a cricut a couple of days ago, after reading heaps of blogs about using the machine with Sure Cuts Alot and Make the Cut ... unfortunately I did not see even more recent blogs and forums like this one, otherwise I would have gone for a different brand because I can't cut the things out that I need! Is there absolutely no way around it?
Re: Cricut Automatic Paper Cutter - Hackable?
September 06, 2013 08:43PM
You can get around the Make The Cut "no longer supporting cricut" by buying the software, installing it, then getting your hands on an older copy, even a trial version, installing it in a different folder, then downloading the attached PCCPlugin.dll file and putting it in the OLDER version of Make The Cut PlugIns folder inside of the location where you installed the OLDER version of Make The Cut. And please, BUY MAKE THE CUT. Those folks worked hard and paid alot of legal fees to those fascists at ProvoCraft. Everyone's allowed to make money, but ProvoCraft has been overly aggressive at trying to RUIN people. It's not right.

**TIP OF THE DAY FOR NON-COMPUTER SAVVY FOLKS - Whenever you download a piece of software SAVE IT, along with the date of download and version number, and never throw out old versions. THEY COME IN HANDY.

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open | download - PCCPlugin.dll (212 KB)
Re: Cricut Automatic Paper Cutter - Hackable?
December 14, 2013 04:04PM
Hi Missy,

I have just found this thread. I have a Cricut Expression 2 my husband bought for me and I WAS SO ANGRY when I found out I could not use my SCAL software with it it's been sitting on my desk not being used since February. I'm not real computer savvy but would I be able to get my expression 2 to work with My SCAL 2 or with MTC - I have SCAL 2 but not MTC. I have read all of the other posts but did not see any mention of Expression 2 so not sure if anything would apply that was mentioned before. Please help if you can

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Re: Cricut Automatic Paper Cutter - Hackable?
December 19, 2013 11:37PM
If you follow the directions your CRICUT EXPRESSION (and Expression2) WILL WORK with MTC and other softwares... and you CAN find the OLDER VERSIONS of MTC online.
It is NOT as hopeless as it originally felt when all of this happened... SIX (?) YEARS AGO.
I will NEVER buy a product from Provocraft (PROVOCRAP) .... My DH Bought Mine as a gift... HE was so hurt when he realized I had to find a work around!!!
I am a GEEK and computer tech, so I DID!

I have used MTC (Make The Cut), SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot), Inkscape, and Design Studio.... DESIGN STUDIO IS THE WORST!!

There was a file years ago that somone uploaded with 100s of Cricut cartridges saved as SVG FILES.... if you can find that you'll be in heaven.
If anyone knows of the link PLEASE post for the people still struggling with this issue.

Take Care
Re: Cricut Automatic Paper Cutter - Hackable?
January 01, 2014 04:06PM
Can you send me instructions on how to make MTC work with my E2? You are the first post I've read stating that you can make it work with the E2. You can email if you are more comfortable with that


*** EDIT - please don't post emails in open forums, for this PM notifications are the best (safest) methode ...

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Re: Cricut Automatic Paper Cutter - Hackable?
January 14, 2014 08:23PM
Also interested in those instructions.

I keep getting an error, something like my firmware is out of date or this isn't a cricut machine at all or if I check do not use serial communication I get something like the drivers aren't installed for my machine (which I've tried to download several times).

Any suggestions would be great!
Re: Cricut Automatic Paper Cutter - Hackable?
January 29, 2014 12:29AM
Can you send me instructions on how to make MTC work with my E2? You are the first post I've read stating that you can make it work with the E2. You can email if you are more comfortable with that

This is also the first time I've seen someone say that old versions of MTC or SCAL will work with the Expression 2, as opposed to the original Expression. Other places indicate the the firmware of the E2 is different enough that no drivers were ever written for it for MTC. Were you ever able to get anything to work with the E2?
Re: Cricut Automatic Paper Cutter - Hackable?
February 08, 2014 05:19PM
Hi jmferner,

I also noticed that you mentioned that work arounds are available to the expression 2 - can you please tell me how? I have been trying for over a year now with my expression 2 just sitting on my worktable. I prefer someone send me links to where I can get software, etc. I have tried a couple of sites that say they have older version of MTC and the dll file but Vipre tells me that they are dangerous sites - so not sure if they are or if it just thinks they are. I have an older version of SCAL that I use with my old Cricut personal cutter but I need the 12" mat and that is why my hubby bought me the exp 2 (not knowing there was an issue with it) HELP SOMEONE???
Re: Cricut Automatic Paper Cutter - Hackable?
February 08, 2014 05:21PM
Hi flipflop - have you been able to get help on using the exp 2 with SCAL or MTC?

Thanks for any help
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