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FREE material ---- PLA test material 3.0mm Ø

Posted by SNOMANN 
FREE material ---- PLA test material 3.0mm Ø
September 17, 2012 09:01PM
Hello to the Group,

We have manufactured some PLA and believe this material in 3.0mm Ø clear is good enough for trial.

the condition on free sample supply is that we need feedback -- good or bad

photo for reference only

Like last time we are offering some 10 mtr sections coiled in plastic bags for test free of charge and like last time you have to pay postage or collect from Bayswater Victoria.

Please contact me through the forum or via my email jeremy.gray@lybina.com or on the phone B. 03 9761 4070.

Please remember that we are doing this as first in first served.


Re: FREE material ---- PLA test material 3.0mm Ø
September 27, 2012 10:23AM
Very impressed with the accuracy and circular shape of this PLA sample. Excellent clear colour, and good melting point - excellent prints at 174ºC. Thumbs up from me d smiling smiley b

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Re: FREE material ---- PLA test material 3.0mm Ø
October 02, 2012 06:10AM
I've got some through the Connected Community HackerSpace but haven't had a chance to test it yet. Looks very good though and very round.
Re: FREE material ---- PLA test material 3.0mm Ø
November 15, 2012 06:39AM
Hi Jeremy,

Not sure if you remember me - I am the one who met you at you factory couple of weeks back.

Thanks for the sample of PLA and ABS. I haven't got a chance to use the ABS sample as my 3Dprinter needs some fixing.

Below is my feedback for the clear PLA sample you have given.

1. The dia of the PLA is a perfect (3mm) it was getting good consistent friction and is extruding properly
2. Once the heat is set, the PLA flow is consistent. I have some slipplage in my extruder and not with the PLA
3. The first layers have stuck properly - I dont have a heated bed - just using Kapton tape
4. At 200 degrees I got a very good consistent flow

Hope this is usefull
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