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Smooth rod sources in AUS

Posted by Switchblade88 
Smooth rod sources in AUS
January 15, 2014 12:38AM
G'day all,

I'm trying to chase up local sources of 8mm smooth rod here in Aus... as a first-time pending builder I'm not confident as to what I'm looking for or the grade to price ratio of rods.

Can someone help with details and suppliers? I know clarky on here has the full set for about $60 but I was happy with cheap rod at $30 or less to get my toe in the water first...

Thanks guys!
Re: Smooth rod sources in AUS
January 15, 2014 02:10AM
There's a list of suppliers here:


Make sure you go stainless (normal or marine grade) or hardened chrome (such as clarky sells).

Hardened chrome is of course better, but at least if it's stainless, it shouldn't rust (which is about the worst thing that you could want to happen - as it really stuffs your bearings too).

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Re: Smooth rod sources in AUS
January 29, 2014 01:07AM
It's pretty hard!

I'm going to grab the Prusa i3 frame kit from 3DJunction which comes with all the metal vitamins. If I tried to source all these parts separately (even just the bolts, rods and washers etc in bulk, and the frame) then I think I'd still be worse off, even without the smooth rod set.

In saying that, I contacted Interlloy and they gave me a rough cost of $10 for 2kg ($5 per kg?) of lengths of rod. The supplier list says a $50 minimum but I didn't think to ask them over the phone if that's correct or not...
Re: Smooth rod sources in AUS
October 27, 2014 05:53AM
Re: Smooth rod sources in AUS
October 27, 2014 05:58AM
Just saw this:

And also heard of a company called Edcon steel that does it too:
Re: Smooth rod sources in AUS
April 01, 2018 01:10AM
The rods used in the gas struts on cars - e.g the ones that hold up the bonnet or back doors of station wagons are hardened are they not? I'm thinking that asking your local mechanic for old ones that they remove might be a good source of freebies.
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