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Another Melbourne Mendel in the making

Posted by noonan 
Another Melbourne Mendel in the making
November 18, 2010 02:03AM
Hi guys (and girls?)...

My name's Steve and I have just begun building a Laser Cut mendel - purchased from Botmill.

So far I've built some of the extruder and most of my X-axis, and am keeping a blog of it on my already existing website/blog

My wife and I make fashion related stuff, and I'm an amateur shoemaker, so I'm planning on using my mendel regularly to make parts that are getting harder and harder to source here in australia, as well as moulds / tools etc for jewellery.

I just wanted to say hi and let you know that there will be another one up and running in Melbourne hopefully within a few weeks!

Re: Another Melbourne Mendel in the making
November 18, 2010 02:45AM
Welcome! Due to email from the sneaky and diabolical SebastienBailard, I knew you were coming, and I know you've been told to look at the Wiki page. grinning smiley

BTW: Many of us regularly catch up at the CCHS meetings, plus we're planning a BBQ for sometime in January so some of the further afield people can catch up as well.

PS: Added you to the wiki page already. winking smiley

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Re: Another Melbourne Mendel in the making
November 19, 2010 05:26PM

great to see someone else local.

Looks like we will have enough people local to create a great support group.

Hopefully we will all be able to catch up soon to meet in person.

Re: Another Melbourne Mendel in the making
November 20, 2010 04:52PM
Hi and welcome Steve

I too myself are busy with a Huxley build, Hoping to do a test print in 2 weeks but we will see.

Chat later.
Re: Another Melbourne Mendel in the making
November 21, 2010 07:18PM
Well I'm not very far in but I got a donation of 12mm threaded rod and was to lazy to cut it, this is a decision I may live to regret. Its great to be a member of an active community, with so many ideas. As a toolmaker this "no sharp cuttings on the floor" thing really appeals, cos that is what covers the floor around my home lathe and mill in the garage. Well here's the pics to give an idea of what I started.
I'm building hot ends for folk in our group atm, using old tiles instead of PEEK and look fwd to the the first long run test thru one, this should reduce lead time and cost on development.
This can link to my interests in miniature steam trains and I hope to use PLA for lost wax castings.
Regards Rob B
Re: Another Melbourne Mendel in the making
December 12, 2010 06:22AM
Hey guys,

Thanks for all the replies! I've been offline for a bit, building and working and forgot to check back here to see who was around.

I have added another post to my blog, and am currently uploading 200+ photos of my build progress.
Eventually I intend to caption them all to help others with a nice and easy step-by-step guide.

Once christmas is out of the way I'll be more active around here and will keep you posted on how my machine goes!

... I have just realised that I didnt get the 2 large z axis gears in my kit, so I am waiting for Kimberly to mail them out from Techzone, so everything is on hold at the moment.

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