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Posted by Auzze 
December 19, 2010 07:13PM

I have been looking at buying a heated bed (http://www.reprapsource.com/en/show/6403) and have been offered a better price if we buy 5 units.
If we can get 5 units cost will be $55.00AU + $5.00 postage
If I we get 10 units cost will be $50.00AU + $5.00 postage
Payment via paypal, money order.

So if you would like one please PM me here or e-mail auzzemit@gmail.com


PS: offer only valid for Australia reprappers

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Re: Heated Bed special buy
December 20, 2010 07:07PM
pm sent
Re: Heated Bed special buy
December 26, 2010 05:51PM
email sent
Re: Heated Bed special buy
February 06, 2011 08:07AM
Same here, email sent.
Re: Heated Bed special buy
February 06, 2011 10:30AM
how are we going for numbers?
Re: Heated Bed special buy
February 06, 2011 03:47PM

We are very close to having 5 but as this has taken so long to get 4 I have been working on building a heated bed using 2mm Alum with 4mm Glass top, using 8 1.2ohm 10watt power transistors running from a PC PS. Total price $18.00.
As I have 2 printers I have been able to build 2 HB for the price of one PCB.

So I feel the price is way to high and have decided to withdraw this offer.

Re: Heated Bed special buy
February 06, 2011 05:07PM
fair enough i'm going to have to agree with you about the price, i have everything here to make one just have to bite the bullet and do it.
Re: WITHDRAWN - sorry
February 06, 2011 07:03PM
No probs, thanks anyway Auzze. Where did you get your cheap aluminium and glass?
Re: WITHDRAWN - sorry
February 06, 2011 07:21PM

I was luck too get them local here in Ballarat, but i think the Alum was an off cut.

Re: WITHDRAWN - sorry
February 08, 2011 11:27PM
myndale the 4mm glass you could find in an old scanner or photocopier if you can find one, might not be wide enough for a mendel though.
Re: WITHDRAWN - sorry
February 09, 2011 03:38PM
mlagana: brilliant idea. I actually have an old scanner here that I replaced a couple of weeks ago and was about to throw out, looks like the glass is 23cm exactly.
Re: WITHDRAWN - sorry
February 10, 2011 05:31AM
i am also going to try 4mm glass from a scanner, on dibond heated with nichrome like adrians style. resistors are a bit chunky, but probably easier to control.
Heat beds (Was "Re: WITHDRAWN - sorry")
July 26, 2011 08:09AM
For those still wanting a heat bed I've just made one for <$50 using parts sourced locally and based on a design that Auzze showed me. Jaycar sell 295x295mm aluminium sheets for $15, at 1.024mm thick they're thin enough to cut with a dremel or hacksaw but stiff enough to hold a heavy sheet of glass flat on top, at least from what I found. To the bottom of that you glue 8 12-ohm wire-wound resistors (10W), also available from Jaycar. I glued them in the following arrangement:


I hooked them up in parallel using some plumbing solder I picked up from Bunnings, although I suspect at the relatively low temperatures that a heat bed operates at you could probably use regular solder as well. You will need something to glue the resistors such as JB Weld (available from Jaycar for $15) or Black Patch Stove Putty (available from BBQs Galore for around $5 I think).

Finally there's the glass. I went into a store in Southland shopping center called "Funk" and found $13 picture frames with a 4mm thick piece of glass that was exactly 20x20cm, so they didn't even need cutting. My next plan is to glue a single-sided copper/fiberglass PCB to the open side, that should bump the temp up high enough to need regulation.

If you do it exactly as I have then your heat bed will draw 8 amps at 12V i.e. 96 watts. As you can see from the photo above I can maintain 75 degrees C in a cold (i.e. 10 degrees C) garage. According to some people that's hot enough to print ABS on Kapton tape.

One last thing, Jaycar sell a cheap fiberglass sleeving called "Vidaflex". It's an extremely good thermal insulator, as shown rather graphically in the follow photo (notice I'm holding the piece with my bare fingers):


(Edited to add the resistor power rating).

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